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Hi I'm Stephanie

I'm the only Mormon in my family (and it's OK!).

About Me

I love peanut butter cups, college football, the Steelers, Facebook, and sleeping in on the weekend. I also love to cook and bake, and watch "Modern Family" and "NCIS" on TV. I joined the Church by myself--without family support--while in college, and I am grateful for the amazing relationship I have with my folks to this day. I know it is possible to grow up a strong member of another faith and then join the LDS Church and stick with it while also preserving solid ties with loved ones who believe differently. I live a real life with real struggles and doubts, but always seem to find my way back to the path anytime I have strayed. I love the marvelous people and leaders who have helped me be able to say that. I hope it continues.

Why I am a Mormon

In this time of so many difficulties across the world, I appreciate the consistency of Church standards and the blessing of a living prophet and Apostles on the earth today, as in the time of Christ, who teach pure, unslanted truth and invite us to live this truth and receive the blessings of doing so. It is amazing to be among people who, though our backgrounds and ideas differ greatly in many areas, are united by a common set of principles and a common faith in bedrock realities like the Atonement of Jesus Christ and its power to heal hearts and change lives, the importance of prayer and scripture study to daily life, and the fact that the Lord continues to speak and direct His work through modern revelation. I am a Mormon because my membership in the Church has helped me to come unto Christ in ways and to a degree I couldn't anywhere else. This is a practical faith of high standards and even higher blessings for living those standards. It is worth the work.

How I live my faith

My most recent responsibility at church has been teaching Primary (6-7 year old kids) in the local Swahili-language unit of the Church. (Class in English, thankfully, as my only other language is Spanish!) I just changed wards, though, so it will be interesting to see what my 'new job' ends up being. Also, in the past few months, I have started to train myself to pray when I wake up in the morning and not just before I go to bed at night. Bookending my day by speaking with God has had a strengthening influence on my relationship with Him, and I'm grateful to have made this change. My roommate and I also attend the temple every week, which has had more of an effect on my faith and my relationship with God than just about anything else. Temples are one of the greatest blessings available to members of the Church, and I am privileged to live in an area where there are so many. I know they are the house of the Lord, just like it says on the outside of each of them.

What is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' attitude regarding homosexuality and same sex marriage?

Let me first say I did not always understand the answer to this question myself. However, some great friends have helped me define it in a faith-centered way, without politics involved. Let me try to explain it as it was explained to me. This issue is important because it speaks to the eternal nature of human beings as children of God. There are few things He wants us to understand more than who we are and what we are meant to do in this life, so the value placed upon defining these things correctly is very high to Church members as disciples of Christ. Men and women, in His plan, have specific, important roles to fill--roles which were determined for each of us before this life. We have always been either male or female, and, as such, have always had these roles--emphasizing the family unit of a mother, father and their children as the basic unit of a successful society, and which unit can continue to exist after this life. When another arrangement, such as a homosexual relationship or marriage, presents itself, there is a requirement to stand on this principle of the eternal nature of gender and the respective responsibilities of men and women before the Lord and to indicate the inconsistency homosexuality and same-sex marriage present. God the Father exists in a family relationship and knows it is the source of true joy. He would not want anything less for His children. Human beings are free to exercise their ability to choose, but the Lord expects those who have knowledge of His plan and purpose for our lives to do what they can to bring clarity to the conversation by emphasizing the importance of traditional marriage and family roles. Show more Show less