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Hi I'm Stephanie aka Queen Scarlett

I'm a traveler, food lover, writer, fun seeker, happy mother, and I'm a mormon.

About Me

Food lover. Joyful Mother. Travel addict. Irreverent Friend. Writer.

Why I am a Mormon

My grandma on my maternal side joined the Church when the Church first opened it's mission in Taiwan. My mother joined when she was about 8 years old. My father joined the Church before he had to join the mandatory military service in Taiwan. I come from a side where my mom grew up in the Church, and my father, who was a convert. I come from a mother who is full of faith. She's brimming with it. Her example of faith has influenced me. I come from a father who searched for truth. He researched many of the religions available Buddhist, Taoist, Catholicism...etc before finding the truth in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am influenced by a desire to defend the Truth. I am a Mormon because at first, that's what my parents taught me. I stayed Mormon because of the many, undeniable moments where I have felt God's love wrap me up in His arms when I felt alone and insignificant. I am a Mormon because I know God lives. I know He loves us. I know that as a loving Father in Heaven He wants what's best for us. He wants us to stretch, to grow, to progress. Because of this - He still selects Prophets to lead us, guide us and love us. I know that the Book of Mormon is a record that teaches, warns and reassures us of His wisdom, commandments and love. I am a Mormon because I believe. I am a Mormon who has trials, like anyone else. I am a Mormon who likes to have a good time. I am a Mormon who has weaknesses. I am a Mormon who is grateful for the peace this gospel brings. I am a Mormon who is thrilled that because I married in the temple for eternity, I will be with my beautiful little family again...forever. That's pretty darn awesome. Cheers!

How I live my faith

Family is big in our lives. I make sure that my priority is as a mother, and wife. There are many worthy things that can very easily take up our time, and take us away from our homes. I believe that at this season of my life - my most important role is within my home. I am grateful I had the opportunity to attend BYU, graduate, have a real career for many years before I found the right man for me. All of that experience has prepared me for, and helped me appreciate, recognize that I am where I belong, with my daughters. I love being called momma, mommy, Moooooooooom! I find that when I have prayed in the morning, read a chapter, or even just a few verses from the Book of Mormon or Bible - I am more patient, more kind and more present. Of course, there are also many mornings where I forget to take the time to do these simple things...and the ensuing bad day reminds me what I forgot to do that morning. Faith is a gift I believe I was blessed with. Some people have musical gifts, I was bestowed with faith. That faith has always helped me believe there is a God. It has helped me understand that he loves me, just as I am. I have faith that our Heavenly Father is loving, with a love we can't even begin to comprehend. I believe that faith has strengthened me, kept me holding on when life's trials are too much for me. Currently I also serve in my ward, similar to a parish. I work with the 16-17 year old girls in our Church Young Women program, as the Laurel advisor. The 16 and 17 year old girls, called Laurels, are fantastic. I am blessed to work with them each Sunday through lessons that myself and two other leaders teach. We also have the girls take turns teaching at least once a year. These girls have incredible faith. These girls are bright, beautiful and full of hope. I enjoy their desire to not only do good, but be good. As I raise my own daughters, I find many qualities I want to instill in my daughters from the fabulous girls I get to associate with. I'll be honest. Sometimes it is hard to give up three hours, or more, depending on the service capacity we occupy, a week to Church. I keep hoping they'll shorten Sunday meetings to two! - The truth is I recognize how much good going to Church, living and applying the simple things in my life has for me, my husband and our daughters. In a world where so much is uncertain... it's nice to have a solid foundation of truth to build on. I am not perfect. I have many weaknesses I need to work on. Church is that place to do it. Church is not a place for perfect people - it's for all of us imperfect folks who want to do better. It's for those of us who hope to one day reach a glorious destination of peace.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Stephanie aka Queen Scarlett
We are...if I do say so myself... Fabulous. Mormon women love. We serve. We share. We support. Mormon women are loyal, nurturing, strong, wise. Mormon women cry, struggle, lose our patience and tempers. Mormon women are found in every corner of the world. In that corner they reside in, they find ways of making it beautiful, peaceful, safe. When it comes to equality, Mormon women understand the important role they play. There is joy in fulfilling a role as profound, magnificent and powerful as shaping souls for good. There is worry, doubt along the way as we do our best to help our children know their divine nature. There is peace when we are blessed to have a husband who recognizes our divine nature and shares in the journey. I choose to be a Mormon woman who uses my talents, my education, my strength to create each day. Whether that creation is a well thought out meal, or a memorable moment for my daughters/husband...each day is a clean, gorgeous slate for possibility. Lucky me! Show more Show less