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Hi I'm David

I grew up in New York, I'm ex-military. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have lived in many areas of the US, and have visited various countries around the world. I have found that everywhere I have been the people basically want to do good in the world around them. Seeing that commonality has led me to know that we are all part of the same human family. I am a father of four amazing children. They remind me constantly that I am blessed beyond measure. I cannot fathom life after death without being with them again. Sadly, I am also divorced after more than two decades of marriage to a great gal. In the time since my divorce the bitterness and feelings of loss have vanished, and I have come to understand the crucial importance of agency (or choice) in this life. I have come to know for myself that we must choose very carefully because once we do make a choice we cannot choose or alter the natural consequences that come from that choice. Thankfully, I am now remarried to an amazing woman who loves the Lord and knows her Savior. Ours is certainly not a perfect marriage by any standard, but we have found that the imperfections inherit within each other to be just right for us. Thank goodness for second chances!

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up with a strong religious background, but as I grew older there were questions deep within me that no one could answer. As a sixteen year-old attending catechism class at my local parish, I wanted to know God and understand the doctrine of the Trinity. As a sixteen year-old in the mid-1970's, I wanted to understand how it was that the teachings I heard during the Reverend's homily on Sunday was so often at odds with my readings in the New Testament. In my quest for answers I asked just about everyone I knew and respected, including members of my family, my Sunday School teachers, my Catechism class instructor, and even my Parish Priest. But none could give an answer much beyond the encouragement for me to just have more faith and accept the reality that some things were just one of God's mysteries. I can recall feeling so let down and disappointed. That period of my life placed a seed of doubt and curiosity within me that eventually led me to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. During my many meetings with the missionaries I was able to discover all of the answers to the questions that had troubled me so deeply less than six years before. Discussion after discussion with the missionaries were filled with the Holy Spirit bearing witness to me that I was hearing truth; it was a marvelous experience for me. When I entered the waters of baptism that September evening almost thirty-five years ago my life changed, and it has never been the same since. I am so grateful to the Lord for saving a poor wretch of a man like me.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by turning to my Heavenly Father every morning in prayer and expressing my sincerest gratitude for Him providing me with another day and another opportunity to be a better follower of my Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. I do my very best to live my faith in the same manner each day of the week, and not just on Sunday. I strive to live my faith in such a way that it is expressed equally in each, and every, aspect of my life. Of course, that means that I fail at that a lot, which is why I find such peace, strength, and guidance in the Atonement offered through the personal sufferings of Jesus Christ. I love reading the Book of Mormon daily. Some days I only read a verse, and then there are some days when I will read an entire chapter or more. The point is-- I read from that sacred record every day. Why? Because no other book that I have ever read (and I am well-read) has brought me to a greater knowledge and understanding of Jesus the Christ than the Book of Mormon. When I feast upon its words I can feel the Holy Spirit. That experience alone uplifts my soul and gives me added strength to face life's trials, of which I have had my share. I have had the opportunity to serve in many different ways throughout my adult life in the Church. My favorite opportunity came when I was a relatively new member of the Church and I was invited to work with the young men of our congregation in SW Florida. During my time with those rambunctious twelve thru eighteen year-olds, I learned more about love, selfless service, consistency, patience, and being present in another person's life than at any other time of my life. That one opportunity to serve changed my whole perspective on my life and how I would relate to other people, regardless of such factors as race, gender, or religious background.