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Hi I'm Steven B

Legacy Member of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day-Saints thanks to my parents and ancestor convert Samuel.

About Me

Blessed to be a descendent and related to the Mormon Pioneers who traveled west under the direction of the prophet Brigham Young in the1840s. We named our son after one of them. I was raised in the church, became a Boy Scout, ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood, served others in mutual activities (Young Men and Young Women) each week, and at the age of 19, was ordained to the Melkchezedek Priesthood. As an Elder, I put in my application papers and later received a mission call letter from the former prophet Spencer W. Kimball. In those days, the postal manager would always recognize these types of special letters and give us a call to come and pick it up. When I read the letter, it said "you are hereby called to serve the Lord for 2 yrs in the Texas Houston Mission" . At the time, I was sort of disappointed that I didn't get called to England or some other cool place but now looking back over the years, I have come to realize this was a special assignment that actually came from the Lord! I was greatly blessed and helped many people and families come unto Christ through study of the scriptures, messages we would present, and inviting them to church and encourage them to pray, study, and ponder to really know for themselves of the truth. After my two wonderful years of my life, I came home to a new location in Salt Lake City, where I met my wife. We were later married in the Salt Lake Temple. She encouraged me to join the Air Force so we could travel overseas and have the benefits the service provides since my line of work wasn't very good. I told the recruiter that I am married, have a baby on the way, and need to be home on weekends. I can type thanks to my good mother who encouraged me to take typing in Junior High School and like to work hard. So they assigned me as an Administration Assistant and sent me off to basic Training. Since my typing scores were outstanding, they offered my first duty assignment to the Headquarters, but we wanted to go overseas, and declined the offer. We put in our 8 choices for assignments and got our first pick! We were excited and after technical school, came home to see our baby girl born! What great timing! I was shipped overseas and had to set up housing to enable my family to come; it was tough. Later our second wonderful daughter was born overseas and she was very special indeed! We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years celebration together taking photos and enjoying the European food. The winter was cold and so we did our best to stay warm in those days. Then suddenly, without any warning, our little Adrianna died only after 2-3 hrs after putting her to bed...it was a very tough trial of our family and later moved to an on base housing to start a new. Things were difficult for us and I went to counseling on the base to get bereavement help. We hoped having another baby would help, it seemed to at first; we enjoyed our new baby boy and the worry was that he would be more susceptible to SIDS also. It was a difficult time for our family and yet I kept going to church, paying my tithing of 10%, staying faithful, etc...I didn't rebel against God, rather, It helped me to come closer to God and Jesus. My Air Force Career was going extremely well through all of this and was hand picked to come back to the United States as a special duty assignment for 3 yrs. So we uprooted the family and made the long overseas travel to Virginia. Traffic was bad in the mornings so I left really early and would come home rather late at night to find a work around of the traffic congestion. My 2 children were now growing and was beginning school. Yet the time away from the family was wearing on them and my wife decided to have my two children live with her mother for a time to see if we could work things out. Later my wife left me and she tried to find work on her own. It was worse than death for me; continued counseling to help overcome the losses and to work through my personal issues. I stayed strong in the church and enjoyed the people who helped me to cope. I had to file papers for divorce to protect myself and financial burdens which was long and challenging over several months of court appearances. Well to cut the story to the happiness I have today, staying true to the church and the activities it sponsors has helped me find my present wife of 17 yrs and we currently have 3 teenagers who are all in different grades of school elementary, middle, and high school. The summer is upon us and my son is going to play Freshman football this next school year. My health is good and enjoy basketball, summertime swimming, scouts, playing the piano, driving people to where they need to go, and walking through the night in October. I enjoy the variety of cultures in our neighborhood and hope to be a good example of a Mormon's way of life.

Why I am a Mormon

Thanks to the Mormon Pioneers, the legacy of faith was bestowed upon me and I am continuing this great legacy through to my children and anyone who wishes to receive the happiness and Joy I have been greatly blessed to receive. At the tender age of 16, I realized that the youth activities and in studying the Book of Mormon and Bible are indeed true. I would read the Book of Mormon on my front porch and wave to my friends or others. I was happy to read it and want to share my joy with anyone; even today. I've found through prayer and study that the teachings, priesthood, and prophets who lead the church's organization are real and we can be greatly blessed as we follow and quickly heed their example and teachings. The prophet today Pres Thomas S Monson truly receives revelation from God our Father to HELP us make it through this tough life of trials.

How I live my faith

Well, today, typing up this great web page so you can read about me and my faith in Christ. I know when I pray to our Father in Heaven or God, our Father, answers to prayers come in His due time. So I am constantly praying and pondering/meditating to Him every chance I get thanking Him for so many great blessings, lessons of life, people I work with, and opportunities to share my happiness of the truth. Attend church as a family each week to serve, teach, update records, coordinate scouting activities, youth activities, and primary lessons. Worship in the holy Temple relatively close by, try to keep in touch with my extended family and share faith promoting experiences as well. We share testimonies each month at church to help build one another's testimony of the Savior's atonement on our behalf. We realize we're not perfect and tend to fall into temptations and slip once in a while. The atonement helps us to overcome sin and transgression as it enables us to regain strength of character, and confidence in faith. Having faith in Christ and believing in the literal restoration of God's plan on the earth through the priesthood has been a great source of hope and strength in my adult life.

How are modesty and chastity related? How can parents teach their children to be modest in dress, language and behavior?

Steven B
Choose good clothes, always tell parents were you are going, why, and when you are coming home. Associate yourself with same faith friends and those who will HELP you live your standards of living, dress, use appropriate language. With two teens in my home, it is a great blessing to have the church activities to send them to. They have to choose the right and we pray for them constantly like Alma did for his son Alma the Younger. We know children make mistakes and the atonement of Christ teachings help them to overcome trials and mistakes. Modesty and chastity go hand in hand because it shows another person we want to be clean and not be tempted to be sexually aroused at provocative clothing or behavior in person or on the media. Show more Show less

Why do you have 12 Apostles? They were just meant to be around for the time of Jesus Christ, not to be replaced with new apostles.

Steven B
Why? This is the RESTORED church of JESUS CHRIST in the latter days! So everything Christ established in the His day is the same now. After visiting one of the apostles today or hearing their message....you'll know why..... 1 man can't do it all. I trust God's design and order of things and if we all do, we can't go wrong! Show more Show less

What is the Book of Mormon?

Steven B
It really is a tested and powerful tool in conversion of the soul for individuals and families across the world! Daily study is required to effectively gain a 'no doubt' witness of it's truthfulness. There is a free app for your cell phone 'gospel library' that is easily downloaded and then you can listen to the verses in the book spoken by articulate and sincere narrators. Prophet Joseph Smith really did translate it from the Reformed Egyptian language into English with the Bible in testifying of the reality and ministry of Jesus Christ; that he visited his Other Sheep in Central/South America soon after his resurrection. The book is available in many different languages and I encourage you to read this great book to your family, friends, and associates every single day! Keep a copy at work, in the car, on the locker, by your bedside to remind you of it's great worth and power that it contains. As you share this book with others, you too will be glad you did and the recipient will forever be grateful to you for your kindness and thoughtfulness in thinking of others. The book is for every nation, kindred, tongue, and people from infant, to the most elderly person! It contains the most sacred experiences of the peoples of America over a span of 1400 years and how the Lord blesses us as we sincerely pray, fast, and with real intent, act on the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Many generations of our family are counting on us to bring this book to light across the world! Read it Show more Show less