Stephanie : homeschool, nature, sewing, gardening, Mormon.

Hi I'm Stephanie

About Me

I stay at home with my three children and have the privilege of schooling them at home. I am married to a wonderful man that supports me as a homemaker, mother and teacher, as well as supports me in my personal interests and hobbies. I enjoy reading, singing, laughing and having fun, being with my family and friends, nature, art, music, and learning. I take great pleasure in learning new skills and improving on the skills I've learned. In the past I learned the basics of gardening, went back to taking piano lessons for few years, and worked on improving my sewing skills. In more recent years I learned how to knit and crochet and have gained so much enjoyment from advancing in these new skills.

Why I am a Mormon

I have a strong belief in the reality of a Father in Heaven. I also firmly believe in a Savior, Jesus Christ, who atoned not only for our sins (which makes repentance possible) but also suffered for all the pains and sorrows each person would experience in life. It has been such a comfort to me to know that there is one person who understands and who has been able to succor me through all my sorrows, pains, grief and sickness. I live my life through the whisperings of the Spirit (some might call it conscience, but I believe it is a spiritual link to my Father in Heaven), that guides me and directs me, sometimes moment to moment. I am grateful for this guidance and gift and cannot imagine life without it. I rely on the Spirit for promptings in teaching and guiding my children, for protection from potentially dangerous situations, for guidance in making important life decisions, for guidance in my desire to serve inside and outside of my church, for spiritual teachings to aid in my own spiritual growth and learning, etc. These whisperings from the Spirit combine to create the sure anchor to my faith in my Father in Heaven and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Personal Stories

What have you done successfully to shield your family from unwanted influences?

In our faith we are constantly counseled to be "in the world, but not of the world." Being in the world, but choosing not to subscribe to the current trends, fashions, ideologies, is a continual challenge. This is part of the reason why members of our faith work so diligently to become more spiritually minded people. In our family, we have worked very hard to avoid bringing in as well as filtering out, certain types of media. We are constantly sorting through our books, movies, and music, to decipher whether there are influences that we need to remove, in order to keep a spiritual sanctuary from the world. We are also diligent to do as we have been commanded through scripture and modern revelation, to pray and read our scriptures individually and as a family, to have regular family nights (also know as Family Home Evening/F.H.E), attend weekly church services, attend our temples, and keep the commandments.

How can your talents and gifts bless others?

As a youth, I thought that "talents and gifts" were the ones most commonly associated with those two words, such as singing, playing an instrument, writing, art, dancing, sports, etc. I felt I was an adequate singer, a mediocre artist, and was fairly good at writing poetry. But I never felt exceptional at any of these things, and so I often felt I didn't have talents and gifts to share with others. As an adult, I gained a deeper understanding of the "hidden" talents and gifts we are blessed with, and began to seek to understand my own. I soon discovered that I have a gift of deep love for others, which means that I have a genuine interest in their lives. I also came to recognize other hidden gifts, which I have been able to use to lift others up and bring joy to those around me.

How has the Holy Ghost helped you?

I live my life through the inspirations of the Holy Ghost. When I became a mother, the companionship of the Holy Ghost became of immeasurable importance to me as I have sought direction and guidance in rearing my children since the day they were born. I have sought direction on how care for their basic needs, how to teach them fundamental principles, how to discipline them, how to meet their individual needs, aid them in their individual struggles and so much more. Sometimes the inspirations I have received have come unsolicited, as in times of unknown danger. There was one time when I had all my children in the car with me, and went to make a left turn when I felt compelled to stop. Another vehicle suddenly pulled out, out of turn, turning in front of me. I realized that if I had gone, we would have had a head-on collision! My heart was full of gratitude for the protection we received. In truth, the guidance of the Holy Ghost has been of inestimable value to me, in all faucets of my life.

Which of the Savior’s teachings have influenced you in your life?

While the Savior taught many things through words, I believe he taught much more by his example. The Savior was an amazing example of endurance. Even through the most excruciating moments in his life, he endured with patience and faith. This example of unwavering endurance has had immense impact on my life. There have been those days, where it seemed like I was being tried to my limits, and the example of the Savior's endurance would resonate within me and keep me going. My greatest desire is to endure all the trials and tribulations of this life, so I may find joy and peace in heaven.

What blessings have come through your faith in Jesus Christ?

My faith in Jesus Christ has blessed me in a multitude of ways. My faith in Him has: given me a sense of wholeness, helped me form deep and lasting relationships, given me purpose and direction in life, strengthened me and given me courage to face the hardships I have been made to endure in my life, provided hope and healing from my pains and sorrows, helped me gain a deeper appreciation for the joys and gifts life has to offer, given me a deeper sense of gratitude for the beauty of the world, provided a sure anchor to keep me stable and grounded in a shifting and ever changing world, and made possible for me to witness these blessings in the lives of those I love.

How I live my faith

Living my faith is a daily effort. Upon arising in the morning, I kneel to pray to my Father in Heaven, then take some time to read my scriptures. My children know to expect that we will read our scriptures and pray as a family as well, every day. In my effort to live my faith daily, I also participate in weekly church attendance and serve as a member of the Relief Society presidency which leads the adult women's group in our ward/congregation. In addition, I strive to visit a few women in my church each month, to share spiritual messages and develop friendships with. As a family, we also attend fun activities sponsored by our church. These events are designed to be uplifting and fun activities, where we can enjoy gathering with other members to laugh and talk together, play games and share talents.