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Hi I'm Alex from Chorley

I'm a Mormon. I joined the church about 100 years ago when I was 23. It was pretty well the best decision Ive ever made

About Me

I have 6 outstanding grownup children and stepchildren and some wonderful grandchildren. I have recently retired. I used to be a biker before I got married and had to grow up. I had about 20 years of very successful employment followed by about 20 years of very unsuccessful employment. I think I have learned far more about the things that really matter from the unsuccessful years. Im amazed by the very wide spectrum of music that I really love and enjoy - everything from Frank Zappa to opera and Mozart.

Why I am a Mormon

It wasnt long after I left university that I realized that there was more to life than the things that I could see. When I met the missionaries I understood very little of what they were telling me - but I could tell that they sincerely believed it. It was when I finished reading Joseph Smith's account of his experiences that I somehow knew that this was not something that he had made up to con people. Then as I read the Book of Mormon I realized that certain things in it were very profound messages to me personally and that the book was not the work of a man or men. The missionaries told me that I need to be baptized and join the church. I realized that I didnt even begin to understand what I was getting into - but I decided to go ahead with one major reservation. I decided that I would join - but if I then after joining found anything that I felt was fundamentally wrong or anything made me feel in the least bit uncomfortable - then I would simply walk away from it and hold my hands up and admit that I had made a mistake in joining. I used to take the book of mormon in to work and pull out the desk drawer and read it at every opportunity. I found the book was amazing and I never did find anything that caused me to walk away from the church. Before I joined the church I had been drifting steadily away from my family - but afterwards they could see that I had changed me for the better and that I really cared about each of them. I dread to think how my life might have turned out if had not joined the church when I did. I have come to know that God is real and that he loves me personally.

How I live my faith

Ever since joining the church all those years ago I have had a list of people assigned to me by the church to visit every month and to help and support. As a result of this I have made many many lifelong friends in all of the many places that I have lived. At the moment my responsibility is to help and support the missionaries in their work here in Chorley. I feel that going to church on Sunday is like taking the elevator up from the basement in a building. During the week I sometimes end up in the basement again. If I miss a Sunday it just means that I spend an extra week in the basement.

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

Alex from Chorley
Would you be happy having a surgeon operate on you if at the last minute he told you he was very experienced but he had no official qualifications? If you want to work as a surgeon or a nurse or a solicitor (attorney), it is not enough to have sufficient knowledge and experience and ability. By law you also need to have official approval to practice from the appropriate professional body such as the Royal College of Surgeons etc., If you were driving and you were pulled over by the driver of an ice cream van and he tried to give you a speeding ticket - you wouldnt accept it because he has no authority to issue speeding tickets. Imagine trying to enter another country with a passport that was not issued by that country. Having proper authority to act is very important issue. The scriptures tell us that "No man taketh this honor (authority to administer in the things of God) ) unto himself except he is called of God as was Aaron" It is interesting to learn exactly how Aaron received his call and authority to act. He did not "feel the call" and then decide that was enough to allow him to proceed. He didnt go to Moses but instead Moses came to him and said in effect "Aaron the Lord has revealed to me that he wants you to serve him in the Priesthood and you are hereby called to do so." Moses who had the authority then ordained him by the laying on of hands. The Lord tells us that priesthood can only be exercised in meekness by persuasion, long suffering and love. Show more Show less

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

Alex from Chorley
Critics of the Book of Mormon make much of the fact that later in their lives, each of The Three Witnesses that handled the gold plates and saw the angel actually left the church and became strongly opposed to Joseph Smith. However these critics conveniently omit to tell us that Oliver Cowdery rejoined the church shortly before he died and more importantly, to the day of their deaths none of The Three Witnesses (or for that matter the Eight Witnesses) ever at any time denied what they had seen. Surely, if they were his enemies they would have “blown the gaff” at every opportunity in order to embarrass Joseph Smith. The fact that they maintained their testimony in these circumstances makes it all the more impressive Perhaps the real problem people have with the Book of Mormon is that accepting it exposes them to the need for personal change. Some are very honest and admit that they simply cant be bothered with the inconvenience of it all. Others hide behind the mantra “But It cant be from God - everyone knows that the day of miracles is past. God does not display his power or speak to men face to face in our day and age”. But what if he does? I love this quote from Hugh Nibley - "When examined in a careful and informed manner, all of the apparent contradictions in the Book of Mormon simply disappear. The book of Mormon is tough - it thrives on investigation. You can kick it around like a football and it will wear you out long before you have even made a dent in it" Show more Show less