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Hi I'm Doug

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hi friends, that's at least how I see everyone I meet. I've been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints all my life. I am a regular guy, a dad to three wonderful children, an automobile enthusiast and a classic and collectible car dealer, a struggling entrepreneur that has seen my business survive at times solely by my faith and works followed by blessing from my Father in heaven. Most of my dearest friends over the years have not been members and I dearly love all my friends, no matter what religion they are associated with. I have served in my church in various capacities, but my all time favorite was as a 1st counselor in our unit's bishopric (the leadership in a body of members totaling about 500 people). My favorite day of the week is always Sunday, because I can put behind all of my temporal affairs and just serve people I care about and help them grow closer to Jesus Christ. I generally have a very positive outlook about things in our world and overall I believe most people are really quite good. So few out there seem to be bad, but they sure get all the press. I would love to see more of the people in our world share kindness in any way they can with someone they've never met each day. It doesn't take long to reach the masses with the attitude our Savior shared.

Why I am a Mormon

Born into a Mormon family, I must say it felt like I didn't have a choice back when I was eight years old and my father baptized me and confirmed me as a member. One thing I can recall about the earliest years of my life was a miracle for me when I was only about five years of age. My family lived in Palmyra New York and I remember that the we went to a wooded area that they would tell us kids was the place that our church’s original Prophet Joseph Smith had received his first vision of God the Father and Jesus Christ. When they told me that, the place known as the Sacred Grove became a different place to me. My memory today is as clear as if it were yesterday. I was walking behind my parents, my visual is at their hips and legs, because that was the height of a five year old. I am looking around at the ground and the trees and the spirit at one point speaks to my spirit and confirms to me, that God and Jesus had in fact actually been there. I have never doubted my revelation, I have always cherished the gift I was given that day, as a five year old. But, that said, I really didn’t find my true commitment to our faith until much later in life. As a young man in a family the was breaking apart both temporally and spiritually , I found myself in my mid teens turning to the pressures of the world and doing things my faith would not see as appropriate. But I remembered the teachings of my parents in my early years, the teachings of my Sunday school teachers and most importantly the good examples of faithful and happy members that would share their happiness with me. At nineteen, I had been recommitted to my beliefs for over a year and served a mission in Rio Grande De Sol, the southern most tip of Brazil (the Porto Alegre Mission ‘82-‘83). The experiences of my mission and the faith that was gained by the miracles I witnessed were enough to set my beliefs in stone. Not that I am a "perfect Mormon" by any means, I just love the gospel as it is known in our faith.

How I live my faith

I live my faith everyday. Not just on Sundays, but every day, I associate with all kinds of people from all over the world and it is rare when my religion doesn't come up some how some way. Some how in conversation, Utah, might come up or Brazil or a place where I may have lived or maybe just the way I talk and sure enough, religion, faith in Jesus Christ or His attributes will come up and bam, there we go on a conversation about the gospel. Missionary work is almost a daily event in my life. Just recently I remarried a non-member that had Mormon Pioneer heritage dating back to the early 1800s. Religion came up in our courtship; she professed an interest in the church that her father was a member of but not currently participating in. She was not even sure if she had been baptized even though relatives had thought she may have been since she attended church with them during her youth during summer months in southern Utah. We contacted church records and found that she had not been baptized despite even her father thinking she may have been. So, once we were married she invited the missionaries to teach her the gospel and at the beginning of November 2011 accepted baptism into the church. It was a thrilling opportunity for me as a member having faith in marrying a person I loved whether she accepted baptism or not but the blessings I know we'll have together will be greater than I could have imagined now. Living my faith? Yes, it's like knowing the blessing will happen and putting forth the effort and trust that they will and the blessing of living my faith always bring great happiness.