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Hi I'm Melissa Dowdle Bowler

I'm a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. ( A Mormon)

About Me

I am a up early singing get everyone out bed kind of person. I love to start the day with a prayer and song and smile. I love to create fun things like birthday sign to honor someone birthday. Also love to get out the white paper and see what I can draw out my own mind. Then try draw my view and on the beauty of the world. I love to walk to the park, run, bike ride hike. Whatever it is if out side I love it. I don't have a garden right now but I love to grow things. Any flower even if a weed if pretty I love to stop and look at and even pick them to bring them in my home to brighten my table. I don't like house work as much I do have to do it. But when I turn on good music and can dance my way though the chorus and all the laundry it get easier. I have three some children two are in school and one is home with me. An they keep me on my toes when I don't feel like I want to be my best self I am remind they are watching. That is when I try and always do my best for them and me so I don't forget I am a daughter of god.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because it answer every question I have about why I am here. Where I am going. An it tells me where I will end up. It makes in possible for me to be with my family forever. I love the social time I have with the member of this church. No whatever I have gone to church in Georgia or Utah there are other trying just as hard as me to be there best. It pushes me to be better person in that I am always drawing on my talents to be a better mom and learning how I can share my heart and view with other in way that lifts others.

How I live my faith

I live my faith one step at a time. For example when I run I start it off with a prayer and when I do run I dress in way that I feel I can run my best speed but not feel worried that people will be watching me run because I am showing to much skin. I am out to run, to take care of my body but not show it off. I live it in the meals I make for my family trying to make them yummy food. As balances as I can and always looking to try no recipes and chance to make a old one better. Baking is another something I love to do and in way takes faith that if you follow the right steps add the right things. decide to try something new that it will turn out good. I test a lot of my cookies and desserts and pancakes on my family. Then if turn out well and liked. I give them a way to friends to let them know there important to me and hope it brighten there day if there sad. Also as a thank you for helping me out question I may have. I live my faith in how I love with all of me. From mind,to my heart, to my voice its all are nothing.