What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Corie

About Me

I am a convert who learned late in life that God the Father loves all His children and forgives us when we truly repent. I have come to know true wealth is not about the things we can accumulate. True happiness is a result of knowing who we are, where we started, and where we are going at the end of this mortal probation. It comes from living the gospel to the best of our ability, and knowing Grace is available; but we are expected to make an effort. Contrary to popular believe, he who wins at the end is NOT the one with all the toys. I grimace when I hear about academics who believe religion is a fantasy because the existence of God cannot be proven. They point to the scriptures and find fault: yet use the collection of stories to find archeologic sites. Intelligence and faith are not a contradiction. The church has had some of the most notable minds of the last two centuries. My academic achievements have only served to enhance my understanding of the scriptures, not detracted from their worth; which is not consistent with the view of those who lack the ability, or willingness, to explore the possibilities. I also know I am part of the gathering spoken about by the ancient writings.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born of Jewish parents. As I attended college, I knew in my heart Jesus was more than a historical figure. It took me many years to explore the various denominations of Christianity; ultimately concluding none made sense to me. I was led to the church in an unusual way, but KNOW without a doubt there is a Father in Heaven, His Son is Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon is the most accurate set of scriptures every written and inspired of God. Reading the standard works of the church resounded within my soul. I had studied the Bible when I attended a Quaker College, but it meant little to me. Not until after I was baptized, did I have an epiphany: I am part of the gathering told of from the early scriptures. I am a literal descendent of the seed of Abraham, and the tribe of Levi: the priests. It was just another confirmation that here is where I belong. My life has changed for the better since my conversion, I have total faith this is the true church. Daily prayer, scripture reading, following the Word of Wisdom, has brought peace in my heart, as well as eliminated angst and uncertainty about the future. I know for certain Heavenly Father answers prayers, demonstrates His love and forgiveness to all who repent and follow Him and His Son. Giving up some temporal pleasures is well worth the price of knowing there is a better life in eternity reserved for those who strive to reach celestial glory.

How I live my faith

While the church is not a social organization, I find fellowship with those who believe as I do, and live the principles set forth by Jesus Christ. I participate in the weekly Sabbath meetings, visit teach several sisters, and share the gospel message every month. I am currently a Service Missionary for the BYU Idaho Pathway program, and have an active role with the Boy Scouts, and served as the mission medical specialist for our local mission. I am a member of our local Reserved Medical Corps, and other activities which assist the community, in an attempt to demonstrate the love of Christ.

Who are the Mormons?

We are followers of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in 1830 by directing a young farm boy, Joseph Smith Junior as the first prophet in this new dispensation. It is the one church that has re-established the principles of the gospel lost after the end of the mortal ministry of Jesus and the dealth of His apolstles. It is our goal to emulate the perfection of Jesus, whith charity to all, regardless of their ethnic origins or religious beliefs. Show more Show less

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

Someone once said that even if we are wrong, in the end we will have lived a good clean life without regrets. That is a fair statement. I think where we differ from the "anything goes" attitudes of many, is that we adhere to what you might call a "code of conduct". In short, we try to remember who we are: the children of God. It is a matter of respect for the Father and Son that we do not offend them with profanity, dressing immodestly, disregarding the commandments, and ignoring the gospel. We have the "Word of Wisdom" which are dietary laws which prohibit smoking, consumption of alcohol or illicit drugs, tea and coffee, as well as a few others. One might find the restrictions hard to bear, but faithful Saints statistically have a longer lifespan than other groups. We believe in self-reliance and strive to store a year's worth of food and emergency supplies. Members believe in the sanctity of marriage between a male and female, and that children are best raised in a family with a mother and father. Men and women are "equally yoked" meaning family decisions are made together. We obey the Sabbath because we understand it! It is a day devoted to the Lord, church, and family. LDS faithful do not participate in recreational activities labor on Sunday. One final note. We pray, a lot. We find great joy and rewards from communicating with Heavenly Father. Show more Show less