What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Adam

I'm an average joe who loves his family! I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm just an average guy trying to get a leg up in the world. Recently graduated from school with a masters trying to start a career. Married with children makes that more interesting as I try to balance work, home, family, and church. But you know, ensuring that God and Christ are a part of your life always helps with those endeavors. I can't say I've always been one of God's 'model' children, and so I am grateful that He provided the Savior so that I can purge my life of my mistakes. In the end, whether or not I really do get a leg up in the world isn't my main concern. My goal is to be together with my family forever, really. That's what we're working towards. Turns out, the "world" doesn't think that's too high on the priority list! Shame on them I suppose. So, we just keep moving forward, helping each other along the way.

Why I am a Mormon

Man, this is a question that could be more like a book instead of a few paragraphs. Simply enough, I just know. I've had so many conversations with people about how I can prove my faith to them. As an analytic, believe me, I've tried = But the problem is this. Very few people on this earth are willing to consider the Holy Ghost as a source of "truth". It is sad, and ironic, since the Holy Ghost is the purest form of truth that God has given us. I give the highest regard to the things that I have been taught "spiritually". When reading the scriptures, or listening to a gospel discussion, or pondering to myself...when the Holy Ghost speaks to me, it's almost as if I'm remembering something that I already knew. I try my best to feel and listen to that source of truth and follow the promptings I have been given. There have been many instances in my life where I have felt the inspiration of the Holy Ghost powerfully. I can't say that I've had a single culminating experience that has brought me to dedicate my life to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but I know that it is God's church on the earth, without a doubt. In Mathew 7 it teaches us that we can know something is good by its fruits. In the decades that I have been alive, the "fruits" that have come from being a member of this church are indescribably many and wonderful. But not because the "church" itself is something to worship, but because it has pointed my life towards Christ, and has shown me how to draw upon the Atonement for forgiveness, and has provided me the way to receive the ordinances that God has asked us to receive. I guess in a few words, Christ is the reason I am a member of this church. I know that He directs the choices of the men and women who lead it here on the earth. And I have faith that I can learn more about him as I devote my life more fully to the organization that He has created and authorized. And I know that He speaks with His Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, on our behalf, so the we can be led back to Him someday.

How I live my faith

Well, besides the time I spend reading the scriptures, communing in prayer, or teaching my family, I have the opportunity the work with the youth of my congregation. Right now I've been asked to assist teach Sunday lessons, and coordinate weekly activities for the 13-14 year old young men. We try to provide them with opportunities to not only learn about trades and skills, but also provide them with opportunities to perform service to others in our community. Every once in a while we'll throw in an activity that is just there to let us have a good time with one another. But we hope that even then, we can teach our youth the importance of including others and sharing the wonderful truths that we have been given. It can be time consuming, but it is such a joy to have the opportunity to impact the lives of the future generations. I know it might sound like a lot, but I'm just an average guy in my congregation. Being part of a large group of people who are willing to set aside other activities to help our local congregation work as a whole has been such an enlightening and rewarding experience.

What is the priesthood?

Simply stated, the priesthood is the authority to act in the name of God and to use His power. But there is much much more to it than that simple explanation. I often describe it like this: I'm not a police officer, but I often notice people speeding like mad-men, or flying through red lights. Let's say one day I decided to pull them over and write them a ticket on the back of a note-card I had handy, put a court date on there, an amount for their violation, and then signed my name on it. Do you think that they would show up at court? Or pay the fine I levied? Or if I took my note-card down to the police station, do you think they would enforce it? No way. Why? I definitely performed an action that was good, and I definitely had good intentions, and I tried to follow protocol as good as possible...so what gives? Well, I didn't have the authority to write that ticket, or give that fine, or set that court date. On the surface, God works in a similar way. He has given His authority to people to perform His work here on the earth. It is not something arbitrarily given or received. You can't get it by having good intentions, or just by reading about it, or even by revelation. Revelation may lead you to seek out the Priesthood, but it is actually received from one person who already has the priesthood. Recipients of the authority of the Priesthood are given this great blessing an responsibility after being found worthy. By the priesthood many things are done. By the priesthood, John baptized the Savior. By the priesthood, Moses parted the Red Sea By the priesthood, the disciples healed the sick by the laying on of hands. By the priesthood, God directs his Church today and provides other ordinances, such as temple marriage, where we can be sealed to our spouses forever, never to be separated as long as we live our lives worthily. The priesthood has been a priceless gift in my life. Through it, I have been healed and given blessings I would not have been blessed with otherwise. And through it, I have been able to help the Lord bring blessings to others. Without the priesthood we can do many wonderful things, but when we are empowered with it, we can do so much more. Show more Show less