What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Ron

We have been a Latter Day Saints for 32 years

About Me

I'm almost 60 years old, I'm trying to keep my body 30 Years old, and my mind 20 Years old. Of course I'm not succeeding to my ideal excpectations, but I'm happy with my lot. Been married for 38 wonderful years and from what my wife keeps telling me she too thinks it's wonderful. We have been blessed with 5 children and 8 grandchildren whom we love dearly.

Why I am a Mormon

My first understanding of God was not from parents but from a woman named Dolly a live in babysitter who sang songs of praise of which I derived comfort. So at the age of 6, I began to cultivate the Spirit of truth via song. By 10yrs old Dolly was no longer part of my life and the Catholic Church entered, I became an novitiate (alter boy) which kept me so busy doing the outward ordinances I lost the Spirit of truth and began looking instead at how others worshiped, dressed, acted and when you view imperfection, you mock it. I was so busy looking at everyone else looking at everyone else I lost the ability to see within and could not see myself fall away. At 21yrs the world was an awesome place with wonders so divers my mind once again returned to seek the source of all this wonder. My path in life had taken an intangible way, meaning no rules, anything was possible, if it was unconventional I sought after it. Although intriguing as this path was I would invariably come to the knowledge that this to was not truth, or at least my present state of knowledge at the time bore witness to me that it was not true. I guess the first time I was led to the truth was when one night I had to work a 12 hr shift during a snow storm in an isolated 8X8 shack. I had my meager lunch but had forgot to obtain reading material and to my chagrin the only book in the shack was the New Testament, so I read. At the end of my reading, as the last page on the last word I was compelled to my knees in prayer and supplication to the Lord about the truthfulness of what I had just read, it was then that I was overcome by the Spirit of Truth bearing testimony to me that Jesus Christ was my Lord and Savior, so strong came that realization that I was beside myself with joy and such a deep love of all things. Because I was alone I could not relate my feelings to my fellow employees and my circle of friends would not condone or understand my religious expressions, so I suppressed the truth I knew to be true. It was from then on I tried all manner of different religions to see if that spirit of truth could testify to me again so I could know for certain what path I should follow. I tried Catholics again, but found plenty of rituals and mysteries, but little spirit Jehovah Witnesses, Pentecostal, United, Lutheran, Krishna, Satanic, Wicca, Zen Buddhism, I sought for the truth by seeking the Spirit that bears truth. I even looked for truth in the pleasure of the flesh but found no overwhelming confirmation of the truth of God was present. Then one day, four years later two young men in their early 20’s knocked on my door and spoke of a strange people in a strange book, they spoke of Jesus like most other religions but before I could get any clear impression my wife after 5 meetings sent them away. Two frustrating years later and living at a new address, with still no promise of truth being found, my wife and I were discussing that we wished that we could change our lives to be different from what we were experiencing at that time, but didn't no how or what to seek. Shortly after, two different young men in their early 20’s came to our door and began to teach us about Jesus and a book I vaguely remembered, by now I was focused enough to weed out those pretenders of truth, and when the young men began to flash pictures and underlined scriptures I asked them to put away their pictures and scriptures and tell me why their church above all else was the true church of Jesus Christ. Unlike many others preachers of truth who when asked to do the same could only hum and haw, these young men simply put down the scriptures closed their picture book and each told me I believe from their inner most place in their heart that they knew this was the true church and why they knew. My countenance did not change but my heart leaped for what they said I knew was truth and I knew this by the only purveyor of truth, the Spirit. This was a ray of hope in my search and certainly more investigation was needed. But as I know now that was the beginning of my close relationship with Jesus and his Father. I actually thought and believed that at 27yrs and 9months of life I had a good understanding of Jesus but the more I listened and studied the Book of Mormon the more truth was revealed, the more I understood how little I knew. You see the truth is vital if you seek the Father and his Son, for false teachings lead you away not to him. I had gained a eternal perspective and the more I learned the closer I became with my Savior and his loving Father ways which only obedience to the truth can foster. My Savior is part of me because as a Latter Day Saint (Mormon) we live a life that invites my Savior in, and I am daily striving to be more like Him.

How I live my faith

What I love about my religion is that the older you get the more valuable you are to the Church. At this time I'm functioning as a traveling minister, what we call a High Councilor. I get to travel throughout the area visiting, preaching, council & assist local church leaders to strengthen families and encourage all to come unto Christ our Savior. So in order to be spiritually in tune I need to communicate (pray) with Father (God) and continue learning of His ways by reading scriptures.

What is the Relief Society?

A organization where women can do what they do best SHARING & CHARITY Show more Show less

To what do you attribute the growth of the Church?

Standards of truth, which are upheld and eternal principles that when followed will assist everyone to grow personally. Show more Show less

What is the role of the husband and the wife in the family?

I believe each has roles to play, each has something valuable to learn and teach. In this world we each see evil at work such as children shooting children, Porn, and child-molestations. At times when I read or hear of those instances I have feelings of rage and sadness and would like to find a way to enact justice, but I know in doing this there is a darker evil and I would be caught up and lost to the retribution. So I squash those urges and lean on my Savior for understanding. To be a warrior of the light means self-control, obedience and duty to God nothing else. In this I am blessed with a wife who will see no evil, she has a heart structured for love and peace. Where I see the evil she feels the hurt and pain, she looks to heal, I look for retribution. In this I am blessed with a great teacher the longer I am with her the more impressed and grateful I am that the Lord has chosen her as my spouse and we are linked eternally. Show more Show less

What is Mormonism? OR What do Mormons believe?

I believe God to be an unchanging God so in his Church their should be Prophets and Apostles, as in the church Jesus formed while on the earth, and as God has spoken to men since time immemorial. We believe the Bible to be the word of God, even though it has been translated so many times, we believe that the Book of Mormon to be scripture from God to be a companion to the bible. Being a Mormon is a way of living, and growing not only spiritually but temporally. If you like structure, and if you do not want to feel like your left alone to fend off the state of affairs that you continually find yourself being weigh downed with, or you are always finding yourself trapped in circles of circumstances that you don't like. Then becoming a Latter Day Saint (Mormon) is what you need to do. When you become a Mormon/Latter Day Saint you are exposed to a new way of thinking/living which if followed will change all your life for the better. One of those ways is following a "Word of Wisdom" which is a code established in the early 1800's that promotes health; no smoking, but eat grains and vegetables and less meat, no drinking alcohol Show more Show less