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Hi I'm Brett

I'm a regular guy who has found happiness in his faith. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a very blessed husband and father of four wonderful children. I owe a great debt of gratitude to God for allowing me to have many amazing experiences in in my life which have deepened my faith and strengthened my resolve to follow Jesus Christ. Undoubtedly, my family and faith are the greatest sources of joy and satisfaction for me. As I strive to live according to the teachings of Jesus Christ, I marvel at the subtle and sometimes miraculous ways in which he manifests his love for me. I derive a great deal of satisfaction from serving God in whatever capacity I'm afforded. I was privileged to spend two years of my life sharing my beliefs with the wonderful people of Brazil. I look back upon my time there with great fondness and appreciation. Those two years in the service of the God shaped and molded me unlike any other time in my life. I grew to genuinely love the people I associated with and began to recongize God's influence in my life and in the life of others to a greater extent. 

Why I am a Mormon

At some stage in life, I think most people wonder about the purpose of their existence and seek to understand whether there really is a God who is mindful of them. Such sincere contemplation often comes as a result of a defining moment in life such as when we are stricken with an illness, when we experience the death of a loved one or rejoice at the birth of a child. We all search for truth and meaning in life and desire some form of spiritual fulfillment. I've had many friends arrive at a similar crossroad in life and ask "Is this joy we exprience fleeting? Is there some greater purpose for me?" I can attest that God lives. He knows us well, deeply cares about us and is concerned about us. He watches over us daily and knows us personally. He has a plan for each individual that can bring them fulfillment and happiness and hope in this life. I know this because I have seriously pondered these same important questions and have received a witness affirming God's love for me. This affirmation has brought me great happiness and certainty that God has great things in store for each of us. This particular spiritual witness came as the result of dilligent study and consideration of God's word in the scriptures and through sincere prayer. I didn't receive any heavenly visitations or hear the voice of God like some prophets did in the scriptures--but after concerted studying, pondering and praying, I received a remarkable and unmistakeably personal witness that God loves me and that he has a plan for me. God's truths are encompassed in the Gospel of Jesus Christ--which acts as a roadmap that can help us navigate through the crucial crossroads in life. This knowledge and certainty that I obtained has strengthened my faith and has served as a strong foundation that I seek to build upon each day of my life as I strive to become more like Jesus Christ. God continues to hear and answer my prayers. I know that my experience is not unique and that God does answer the prayers of those who sincerely ask for answers to their important spiritual questins. If he can listen to and answer my earnest questions, he can certainly hear your prayers and answer your questions too.

How I live my faith

As I go about my daily activities, I strive to conduct myself as an active disciple of Jesus Christ--one who has strong faith and convictions and one who makes my faith evident through service to God and my neighbor. I seek direction in my life through prayer and scripture study. As a husband, I love, appreciate and cherish my wife and recongize the great influence she has upon our family. As a father, I have the great priviledge of teaching my children principles of the Gospel that will draw them closer to Jesus Christ. I recieve great satisfaction in seeing each child grow and develop spiritually. I firmly believe that the greatest work we can accomplish takes place within the walls of our own homes. I'm motivated and comforted in my belief that relationships and families can continue after death. In my dealings with other people, I endeavor to be kind, charitable and strive to see the best in each person. I try to follow the Lord's admonition to love others as he has loved us. I enjoy uplifting others by assisting them in their time of need and encouraging them to draw closer to God. I've found that great happiness comes to me when I make my best effort to align my will with God's in my thoughts and deeds.