Rosalyn: Mom of twins, Mom of teenagers, Ros, music, Folks, teach music, Mormon.

Hi I'm Rosalyn

About Me

I am a daughter, sister, friend, wife and mom. I strive to be present with our young twins and stay connected with the teens and young adults who are still my babies. The longer I live, the more I treasure time with my parents, siblings, and extended family. I love late night chats, hot chocolate and toast, road trips, early morning walks, talking and laughing with my husband, camping on a green mountainside, singing with children, a good game of scrabble, and good movies.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because I have found shelter and safety from the storm here. I have found more than just safety... I have found also love, hope, comfort, joy, renewal, courage, acceptance, and forgiveness.... but I believe the safety and security I feel in the arms of my Savior's love brought me the desire to stand on my own conviction. I found my conviction as a young child when in lonely, confusing, or scary times, I discovered I could pray to my Father in Heaven and I felt heard. I discovered He understood my heart and comforted me in my heartache. I learned that He knew me, He loved me and would protect me. I found safety and security in the clarity and simplicity of His commandments. Then and now, I experiment with trusting God and following His commandments. The result? I continue to discover peace, even an unfettered happiness, I haven't been able to duplicate in any other way -- and this in midst of my oh, so imperfect life.

Personal Stories

How has attending Church services helped you?

Attending Church services help me recharge my batteries. I think of Church services like a reprieve from the tug and pull of daily living. I often go to Church seeking a connection with my Father in Heaven. I want to know He loves me. I want His help in my personal life challenges. I want to feel His Spirit. I want Him to fill my heart with increased love. I also enjoy seeing my Church friends and worshiping with them. I enjoy worshiping with my family. I know worshiping together binds us more strongly to each other. I find I leave church renewed. I find I have an increased desire to show my husband and children and siblings and friends that I love them. I find I am willing to face my challenges with renewed hope and energy.

Why/How do you share the gospel with your friends?

I share the gospel with my friends by being a friend. I want my friends to know that I genuinely care about them and their happiness. I share the gospel with my friends by honoring and celebrating their faith with them. When my friends have questions about why I do something or why I believe something, I answer them honestly. When I am looking forward to a church-related activity or worship service and the name of a friend pops into my mind, I take that to mean this person might enjoy the activity too. In that case, I will invite my friend to come with me. When I have friends come with me to any church related event, I enjoy myself more and I think it strengthens our friendship. Sometimes I fear a friend will think I have invited them for some sort of personal gain. Sometimes this fear keeps me from extending the invitation because I don't want to hurt our friendship. In the past when I haven't invited the friend who comes to mind, I have regretted it and I miss their companionship when I am at the church activity. When I do muster up the courage to invite a friend, I honor their choice, whatever it is. I think offering something good to a friend AND then honoring his/her decision demonstrates true friendship. I hope by merely receiving an invitation from me, my friends will feel they are important to me and that I value our friendship.

How I live my faith

Right now I am assigned to be a visiting teacher in my ward. I have a female companion also assigned to work with me and visit the same women I visit. Our responsibility is to befriend two women, also members of our congregation. At the minimum, our assignment is to visit them in their homes once a month, but more ideally, we will get to know them on a more personal level, becoming true friends. When I am on the receiving end and my visiting teachers take an interest in me and my life, I feel a special kinship toward them. I believe my visiting teachers care genuinely about me and find that even a simple phone call or short visiti in my home lifts me and brightens my day. Another assignment I have in my congregation is on the stake level, which simply means my assignment encompasses all the wards in my stake, currently about 10 of them. I serve as the Stake Primary Chorister and as such, I train, encourage and nurture the Primary Choristers who serve in their individual wards throughout the stake. On occasion, I conduct a children's choir. The Primary Choristers are men or women who teach songs and lead the Primary children (ages 3-11) in a Singing Time each Sunday during Primary. Primary Choristers are loved by the children and provide sweet, happy experiences while teaching gospel doctrine through music.