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Hi I'm Dan

My family was introduced to the Mormon Church when I was a young teenager. It has given me direction and purpose in life.

About Me

Most importantly, I'm a husband, father of six and grandfather of 22 (and counting). I was raised in one of the Protestant "non-denominational" churches and credit my decision to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as a pivotal turning point in my life. My parents allowed me much freedom to explore and make my own decisions as a youth. When I was 17, I hitch-hiked with a friend for several months throughout Europe experiencing for myself the consequences of life decisions. I saw first hand the difference between a free and totalitarian government as we traveled through Czechoslovakia, East Germany, East Berlin and the wall. I saw the consequences of "free love" and drugs. I was able to make very specific choices of what I would do and not do with the rest of my life. I decided early to be a Christian and follow Christ. To be honest and a man of my word. I chose to honor a code of health and diet and respect the body that God has given me. I learned to be grateful for both my challenges as well as my many opportunities. I discovered that to be kind was much more satisfying than to be mean or unforgiving. I learned tolerance of others and respect for differences. I also learned that most people are really good, really nice, and desire the same peace and joy that comes from meaningful relationships.

Why I am a Mormon

As a youth, my parents attended several different Protestant churches to give me and my sisters some exposure to religion. A neighbor invited our family to listen to some missionaries who were serving in the area and our entire family decided to join. At first it was just another Christian church but as I matured I realized that the story of the "restoration of the Gospel" was either the biggest religious lie or the greatest truth since Christ. Mormons don't force you to believe what they say... they simply invite you to learn and ask God for yourself, promising that God answers sincere prayers of faith. It was the summer of my 16th birthday when I experienced what I now know was the personal inspiration that God promises to all who sincerely seek him. Living the higher standards of this Christian faith has helped me as a person, husband and father. I owe my happiness and success in life to my religion, my wife and family. I will forever be grateful to the neighbor who had the courage to invite the Mormon missionaries to knock on our door and for my parents who felt prompted to listen to their humble message.

How I live my faith

I seek daily to "do something good" whether in my work or play. I find that serving others brings the greatest joy and contentment. As such, I seek opportunities for public service as well as helping in the church and neighborhood. Strong nations begin with strong homes where children can grow in a safe and encouraging environment. Life is not meant to be easy and we have had our share of challenges and set backs, buy I know that I am not alone and that I can have the promise of heavenly companionship as I journey through life. I believe in constantly practicing the tenets of my faith and have found that by doing so I can best experience the fruits of Christianity and the love of God.