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Hi I'm Peter

I grew up and live in Australia. My ancestors are from Cornwall in England. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am 59 years old (2016) and married with four children and have a lovely wife. My wife and I have our own small business for more than 16 years where I provide computer tuition one-on-one with people in their own homes or office. I also provide consultation and technical support for people over 40 years of age. Many of these people are retired or need support using computer and related technology. I am interested technology (obviously), people, science, social science and all sorts of progressive things in relation to the family, religion or faith and society. I see the world for the extraordinary capacity of the human race to survive and thrive. However, I also see that the time honoured values that once defined all that is good in society falling away and that many people are confused, discouraged and searching for meaning – or something better.

Why I am a Mormon

I met a friend from school and he was LDS (Mormon). He invited me to attend a youth group during the week and when I attended I felt "at home". I later joined the church at 13 in 1970 and I have been a member more than 45 years (2015). Because of the laws, ordinances and values of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I have a happier life than I would have had otherwise. The scriptures help me to understand truth and the messages and teaching of living Apostles and Prophets given me direction to navigate the world of the 21st century. Increasingly now I have noticed that secularisation tends to get in the way of what is important about the human condition and selfishness is causing problems everywhere. The world has reached the same historical markers or signs that caused the fall of great civilisations of the past. All of the signs of the demise of our culture are with us today: the hostility toward religion, the breakup of the family, the declining view of life, the appetite for immorality in our media and music, the violence and crime, and the declining middle class are coupled with an federal government on the brink of insolvency, whose leaders are living off of society's moral decay leading to the loss of leadership and moral will. The education system has robbed our children of a classic education; seduced them through deceit and outright lies; the court system has given us "rights" we never owned; the criminal justice system does not provide justice for those who are mistreated; legislators have legalized immoral behaviour; and our national leaders have set an example of immorality. In the days of Noah, God warned a faithless, immoral and violent civilization of the imminent catastrophe that was about to take place, but few listened. Tonight, our civilization is at the crossroads, but few are noticing the signs that are before us. It is time to take notice, and to pray for spiritual awakening in western society, before the light of our civilization goes out.

How I live my faith

Over more than 45 years that I have been a church member I have participated as a priesthood leader, a teacher of various age groups including youth and adults, a manager of other teachers, a members of local ecclesiastical councils and even a regional media specialist. After a few years of distraction and indecision, I also served away from home as a fulltime missionary for two years. This experience in particular helped me to understand service in a different community than the one I grew up in, to help people follow the Saviour Jesus Christ and gave me a confidence and sense of self that I would not have had otherwise. I have served in the Church as one of the two councillors to our local ecclesiastical leader (Bishop) of our congregation and together we helped other members by providing welfare assistance, organisational support, values based training and counselling and took care of administrative matters - eventually as Ward Executive Secretary. Now in 2015, I am involved as a ward missionary and Ward Mission Leader (helping fulltime missionaries and also ward missionaries and members generally who, invite people to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ). A also have involvement as a technology specialist and assistant ward clerk. By serving in the church, having a family and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I find meaning that gives me stability and increases my faith. Just as I did when I was a child, I continue to see that God is aware of me personally and that he loves me.