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Hi I'm Katie Gail

The Gospel is my joy! I strive to live everyday with faith in the His plan. I'm off to serve the Lord for 18 mo and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I am a girl, a daughter of God who is honestly just trying my very, very best to do my best in the things that the Lord commands of me. I am learning how to heal and trust and love through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel has brought such light and hope back in to my life the past year and a half. The Lord knows me, He knows all of us! How amazing is that? That is really the most important thing about me. That I know the Lord knows me and loves me. I know that Jesus Christ provided an atonement for all of us. This atonement has transformed my life in the best ways possible. I have a testimony of the gospel through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have a testimony of Joseph Smith and the prophets both ancient and modern. I have a deep and developing love and testimony of the Book of Mormon. But it all has come as a process. I am an fragile imperfect person that the Lord loves and provides these amazing opportunities for because He loves and cares! He loves all of us and I know that with every part of my soul! I know that sharing and teaching the amazing things the gospel has to offer can bring so much to my life and other's lives! I know this gospel is true! I strive each day to be a better disciple of my Savior Jesus Christ.

Why I am a Mormon

The reason why I am a Mormon came at a time when my priorities were all messed up. It wasn't until someone told me that I needed to talk about it that I started to turn things around and begin the repentance process. It was really hard and there are still times today that I struggle. After I was done talking with the Bishop and came home to pray about what had just happened and to ask forgiveness that I felt the fullness of the Atonement and what it was for me in my life. During those moments of feeling so much pain I felt hope again. I felt this was new. Somewhere during my prayer I felt peace. I felt like the arms of the Savior were around me and He was saying, "You will be okay, I love you. You can always come back." This has to be the most significant experience in my life so far. Feeling the Savior with me and that peace and hope really brought me back. Like I said, there are still very hard days but I have found that prayer helps. When I pray for strength it is as if angels are carrying me through my trials. The saving light came from two conference talks both by Elder Jeffrey R Holland from the October 2009 General Conference, "Safety for the Soul", and the April 2010 General Conference, "Place No More for the Enemy of My Soul." Everyday is a battle against the Adversary. He is everywhere, but I firmly and soundly know that we can make it through. I have. I know my trials are not as bad as many but the gospel brings light, joy, peace and hope. Our loving Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are there for us! How great is that?! The Holy Ghost can attend to us in all we do as long as we are staying on the right path. I have a testimony of this truthfulness. The gospel of Jesus Christ again brings joy and peace and light and hope and truth! This is why I still live the gospel. I know it is true and I know that my Redeemer Lives!

How I live my faith

I live my faith in a constant state of learning. There is never a day that I don't find myself finding something I need to work on or make better. I'm definitely not a perfect person, but its okay. I play the piano at church. It is an amazing thing to hear others lift their voices in praise to the Lord through hymns. It is such a great experience to share the gospel even if it is just stating my membership in the church. I get excited to declare my love for the gospel and the Lord and His resounding love for all of us! It is such a great blessing to know of His love for us all individually. I live my faith by looking at the small and beautiful experiences I have in life. Things like the sun just seeming a little brighter, or the grass a little greener, maybe seeing my favorite flower in a place I wouldn't expect it to be. I know then that God created the world with me in mind. This helps me SO much in my everyday life. It definitely makes my days brighter and my smile bigger. Being able to live my faith in constant gratitude, service and love is what helps me live at all.

What are some things that tell to you there is a God?

Katie Gail
I have had the great privilege to be blessed with three new nieces and one nephew. When I look at these wonderful blessings. I am reminded that there is a God. There is a certain sacredness about holding a baby soon after they are born because it reminds you of where they just came from. Their spirit came from the presence of the Lord and then you are sitting there holding the baby. It is a fantastic thought. Some other things that tell me that there is a God is nature--there are some sites that have been untouched by man that are absolutely breath taking. There are the sweet moments between friends when they say something that absolutely baffles you and the only explanation is that they have been inspired by something more. Something greater than they are. There are so many things that tell me there is a God but these are what absolutely reminds me of the sacredness of God. Show more Show less

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

Katie Gail
Yes! This is one of my favorite things about the church. We believe that families can be together forever, for eternity. Show more Show less

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Katie Gail
No. Mormons help everyone. Our church humanitarian aid has been there in the first wave help of almost every disaster that occurs here in the United States and abroad. They were there in Haiti and Louisianna during Katrina to name a few. On a much smaller scale we help out in our communities and those who we don't know and those we have known our whole life. The gospel is one of love, charity and service to all. Show more Show less