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Hi I'm David

About Me

If others were to describe me I would want them to mention I have been a husband for 43 years, a dad of 8 children, a grandpa of 25 grandkids, a returned-missionary who served in Italy when I was 19-21, a past Scoutmaster, an emergency physician, and an U.S. Air Force retiree. I was born in Oregon but since then have lived in 17 places including 2 years in Italy as a missionary and 3 years in the Netherlands while stationed in the Air Force. I enjoy bicycling, hiking, just walking in the out of doors, reading or listening to books, going places with my wife, and especially visiting our children and grandchildren.

Why I am a Mormon

Long ago, while serving as a young missionary in Italy I had the thought, "This church is too good not to be true." There are so many things about this church that solidify my conviction that this is the church of Jesus Christ. Of all the different things that witness this fact to me, one of the most powerful is the fact that the church has living prophets and apostles. To me their counsel and teachings are like what it must have been to be taught back in the day of the apostles of old, like Paul. Can you imagine having multiple recorded talks and printed articles by the apostle Paul or Peter? But yet we only have a tiny sample of their teachings. Today we have a living prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, and twelve apostles. I can view video or read their printed messages given at General Conference each April and October and each time I do a burning in my heart reconfirms to me these men are called of God and what they teach is as valuable as the scriptures of old.

How I live my faith

The Church provides me with opportunities to develop Christ-like characteristics. On Sundays my wife and I enjoy attending Sunday School and other classes. We are given various assignments to assist in the programs and activities in the Church. These assignments rotate from time to time and I have enjoyed all of them. A few of my favorites assignments from over the years include being a Sunday School teacher, a Scoutmaster, an administrative clerk, and a missionary. My wife and I really enjoy visiting one of our temples scattered around the world whenever we can. Those visits are opportunities to render service to others and we always learn something new about our Heavenly Father when we go. One special activity in the Church is the world-wide conferences held each spring and fall. We rarely are able to attend in person but always watch them on TV or the Internet and then study the instruction later in the monthly Church magazine, The Ensign.

Who founded Mormonism and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

I will not relate it here but if you are not familiar already with the experience of the young boy, Joseph Smith, who actually saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, you need to read about that. This can be found in many locations but one is in the front of the Book of Mormon. What makes this experience extra special is it can be verified by reading the Book of Mormon. Heavenly Father does not expect us to merely take Joseph Smith's word regarding that experience and what he was taught. He has given us a book to hold, to read, and to pray about. After doing that one can know the book is divine and then by having such a conviction it obviously follows that Joseph truly had his experience. Each one of us can know these things. Show more Show less

How can faith in Jesus Christ influence us in our marriages and family relationships? in our friendships?

Perhaps the most influential activities I ever attend are funerals. Nothing focuses my thoughts quite like a funeral. Each time I sit in a memorial service I am reminded in a most powerful way we are here on earth only temporarily; we all will die one day. And starting with that undeniable fact, we all must then answer for ourselves "What comes after this?". I know we continue to live after what we call death here on earth and I am confident the way to ensure my life and the lives of my family are the happiest they can be is to follow the teachings of the Savior, Jesus Christ. I have not heard of nor believe there could actually be another way that would provide as great happiness and peace of mind here on earth and in the next life as can come from following the teachings of Christ. Many have tried to fabricate another way but I am sure, there is no other way. One non-spiritual test I like to apply is to place the teachings of Christ next to the current popular solutions to life's challenges. What fascinates me is, even by the world's own observations, Christ's way has been shown to be the best way. Yet we too often try other ways. For example, the family. What has Christ taught and what do his prophets continue to teach about the family? What are some of the popular views in society today on the makeup of the family? Then compare them side by side and what do the experts, all religion aside, say about which method is more beneficial to communities and the nation? Show more Show less