Mark: Mormon.

Hi I'm Mark

About Me

My wife, Angie, and I have been married for 24+ years and we have 5 wonderful children and one perfect little granddaughter. After graduating from BYU in accounting I joined our family business and currently own and operate wholesale auto auctions with my two partners/brothers. I love to spend time with my family traveling, spending time outdoors, or just hanging out at home.

Why I am a Mormon

My family and I have tried to center our lives on the teachings of Jesus Christ. For me nothing is a greater witness of Christ than the Book of Mormon. I read this great book every day and as I do I am consistently reminded that Jesus Christ is my personal Savior. I know I am a child of a Heavenly Father who loves me and wants me to be with Him again. He has a plan for all of us and this plan is centered around following His Son. As a mormon I am confident that my Father in Heaven will lead and direct me in my personal life and also leads His church through a living prophet. This knowledge brings great peace to my life.

Personal Stories

What are you doing to help strengthen your family and make it successful?

Success in family comes through love and spending time together. Life is busy and it is so easy to get caught up in the routines. The best routine to be caught in is spending time with your family. Our family loves to play together, read together, travel together, and just about anything else.

How I live my faith

Our family strives to maintain a home centered on the teachings of Jesus Christ. We love to pray together and read from scriptural texts which remind us that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us. Our faith helps us to know that the future is bright and we know that we will be eternally happy as we anchor our hope in the Savior. I feel it is important to not just live your faith when you attend church meetings, but to follow Jesus Christ is in your everyday life.