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Hi I'm Daniel Thomas

About Me

I was born in the North West, the youngest in a family of four. I grew up on an acre lot with a undeveloped pasture as a back yard. My father made it a point to keep us boys busy and summers and school weekends were filled with gardening, landscaping, welding, and woodworking with camping fit in when we had time. As I reached my teenage years, my parents decided to make more time for recreational activities and we began frequenting the local ski resort, whitewater rafting and kayaking, and mountain biking. I loved to play soccer from an early age, and played recreational coed up through college. After not listening to the Spirit's warning, I injured my knee and have since taken up road biking/commuting to work by bike to fill in the Soccer/Skiing void. I served as a full time missionary in the far east of Russia. I met my bride while attending college where I studied Mathematics and Electrical Engineering. We were sealed in the temple to one another for time and all eternity. We have a beautiful young daughter who is 3 years old and an angel of a boy who is 9 months old.

Why I am a Mormon

Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings direction and purpose to my life. It focuses on the importance of family and is so needed in the world today. Many a disagreement has been resolved through remembering principles of forgiveness, humility, and eventually kneeling in prayer to invite the Spirit back into our homes. I was raised in the church from birth and taught well by my parents the Gospel of Jesus Christ not only through their words but more importantly through their actions. I do not consider myself brain washed. My parents gave me the opportunity to choose freely and I have recognized the difference of actively participating in the Lord's kingdom and going about my own alternative ways. Keeping the commandments brings true joy in life, not temporary unnatural excitement followed by guilt and shame. I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Church, restored in its fullness is true. Through the influence of the Holy Ghost (feelings of peace and joy) I know the principles are true. Where the Lord has given promised blessings for keeping specific commandments, I have tested this promise, kept the commandment, and recognized blessings come into my life. I hope to be a influence for good for my family by my actions and the lessons I teach and continue the legacy laid by my parents and grandparents.

How I live my faith

As a member of the Church, I have been assigned along with another priesthood brother 5 families who have invited me to visit with them in their homes, bring gospel messages from the Prophet, and administer priesthood blessings of comfort and healing. My family and I strive to read from the scriptures regularly and to live the commandments. We have weekly "family home evening" where we gather as a family of three and sing hymns and have a gospel centered message. I also have been asked to serve in ward. As with all callings (positions) in the church, my calling is unpaid service. Within my calling, I seek confirmation from the Spirit of the Lord as to how best to fulfill my responsibilities. Members of the ward can be called to serve in a variety of organizations, such as Sunday School, Cub and Boy Scouts, Primary (ages 0-12), young men and young women (ages 13-17), the Library, care for the Physical Facilities, Public Affairs, Sports, Elders Quorum and Relief Society (ages 18+ men and women respectively). Individuals serve in positions across these various organizations to lighten the load on our Bishop after the pattern of Moses who delegated his responsibilities to individuals of the Children of Israel (Exodus 18:13–23). We love to spend time with our ward family and invite others to learn about and participate in our activities.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Daniel Thomas
Mormons do not only help Mormons. While our faith creates a local network that can provide opportunities through association just as any organization or association, our help is extended to all individuals. As members of the church we are encouraged to make offerings (called fast offerings) to the church for the care of the poor and needy. 100% of these offerings are returned to those in need. There is no membership requirement to receive these funds. An individual is interviewed by the Bishop and aid is given where needed to help the individual eventually become self reliant (through counseling, education, job training, etc.). In this way the Church is like a band-aide. It provides an environment for temporarily relieve and where healing can occur. But the band-aide is never permanent. Individuals receiving assistance are given opportunities to serve (e.g. deep cleaning the church). There is a feeling of value that comes from giving back when one receives. Show more Show less

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Daniel Thomas
Not all Mormons serve missions. The invitation is extended to every worthy young man and he chooses to serve for himself. Women are also given the opportunity to serve (my wife chose to serve as a missionary before we met). I encourage the young men preparing to serve missions to choose to go because of the wonderful experience and faith building opportunity it was in my own life. Show more Show less

Does The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints endorse political parties?

Daniel Thomas
The Mormon Church does not endorse political parties. There are however, core values and principles in the church that political parties will make part of their platform (e.g. the importance of family). We are encouraged by our leaders to learn about and participate in our communities but local or general leaders of the Church never endorse a candidate or party. Over the 27 years in church I have never heard a member of leadership tell anyone to vote for a particular party or individual - leaders are counseled never to do so. Where there is a proposition or law that go against our beliefs, Mormons will tend to be opposed (e.g. Marriage as a union between husband and wife, the family is ordained of God, opposition to pornography, drug abuse, etc.). I do not vote by party and study out the values and principles of each candidate running for office. I wish that the US was not bipartisan as it would encourage people to learn more about a candidate rather than voting strictly by party. There is a lot of criticism in the world about political parties and it concerns me that so many will speak ill of a leader primarily because of the party he belongs to rather than his actions. Show more Show less

What is the Church's position on abortion?

Daniel Thomas
The Lord commanded Though shalt not kill nor do anything like unto it. We oppose Abortion for personal or social convenience. The exceptions include when an individual became pregnant from rape or incest, when your doctor determines that the life of the mother is in serious jeopardy, or when a doctor determines that the fetus will not survive beyond birth. However, even in these circumstances, a family is encouraged to seek confirmation from the Spirit in such a decision and to counsel with their Bishop. The Church has no position on specific propositions or laws related to abortion, but we are encouraged as citizens to emphasize the sacredness of life. Show more Show less