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Hi I'm Theresa

About Me

i have been married for 26 wonderful year's,we have 3 children 2 boy's and a girl.i work part time now our children have all grown up,as a carer. we are now grandparent's and loving it our youngest son has just returned from a two year Mission for our church..

Why I am a Mormon

i first came across the church when i was out shopping with my 3 children when they were little 2 sister missionaries approached me in the street just as i was on my way home.the children had started to get fractious and wanted to get home for something to eat,so i gave them my address and agreed to have them call around.well a week later i had forgotten about them and they knocked at my door unfortunately i had started to decorate and while i was at the door the youngest 2 got into the paint and covered themselves so i asked the missionaries to call another time and went to clear up the mess.another week later they came back again and i really couldn't put them off a third time so i invited them in and listened to them and thought how on earth do you have the nerve to sit there and tell me how i can be happier with my family.well i gave what they were telling me a go and slowly i started to notice a peace seemed to come over our home,then i prayed for the first time in my life and i must admit the first time my husband and i prayed together we just felt silly and started laughing,but gradually it felt natural and it feel's so nice to hear either my husband or 1 of our children praying for me and they have said the same they knew that we loved them when we spoke their name's in our prayer's.the other thing i liked about joining was the fact that this is a complete way of life not something i just do on a Sunday or on special day's throughout the year.i truly feel that i'm learning and trying on a daily basis to be a better person than i was the day before and i now have the tool's which genuinely help me 'THE BOOK OF MORMON' all the answer's i could ever need to any question is there and the feeling i get when i find the answer is second to none.

How I live my faith

on Sunday i'm the first counselor in the presidency. The childrenhave some amazing idea's and we basically have fun learning together.once a month i go and visit a few other female member's we call it visit teaching,we basically have a chat about how they are doing see if there's any help they need with anything and leave them a message which is found in our monthly magazine 'THE ENSIGN'. i have found through trying many different time's that i can read my scripture's in the morning while i'm eating my breakfast,it's nice and quiet and i find starting the day off with the scripture's help's me throughout the day . on Monday's we like to get together as a family and spend time together teaching each other (taking it in turn's )something that we feel we would like to share,have a few game's and help each other with any problem's and of course there's alway's the treat, e.g cake,sweets..etc lol

How can I know Mormonism is true?

The way i discovered that it is true is firstly by praying. i thought here you are telling me all these thing's and i need to find out for myself so i prayed and asked,then i started to read 'THE BOOK OF MORMON' and it all fell into place. Show more Show less

Why is family so important to Mormons?

I cannot imagine my life without my family they make me who i am and i in the same way make them who they are.That include's my ancestor's also,without them i wouldn't be here Show more Show less