Jared Nathan Lee: Mormon.

Hi I'm Jared Nathan Lee

About Me

A husband, a father, a son, a son of God.

Why I am a Mormon

Because I know that Jesus Christ died for me, and I can bear personal witness that his atonement was infinite and eternal. That each of us can nowise enter the kingdom of our Heavenly Father through no other means. I know that God loved us so much he sent his only begotten son, so that we could return to him. And I know that a great mediator, a loving Heavenly Father, would provide a way that our family relationships maybe eternal.

Personal Stories

How has the Book of Mormon helped you understand the purpose of life?

Through prayer we talk to our Heavenly Father, through personal scripture study, in particular the Book of Mormon, our Heavenly Father speaks to us. I know this to be true. I find great comfort and solace in the Book of Mormon. The added spirit and the direction it has given me personally I find immensely helpful and draws closer to the Lord and my family. I know that it is by small and simple things the Lord brings to pass great and marvelous works. Reading your scriptures and saying your prayers are part of those simple things.

What have you done successfully to shield your family from unwanted influences?

Family Prayer and Scripture Study our shields against the fiery darts of the Devil. I can't say enough about these two protective measure, other then the Lord's counsel is true.

How I live my faith

I live my faith through my example. I am far from perfect (Just ask my wife), but I am striving to do my best.