Matt!: Mormon.

Hi I'm Matt!

About Me

I was a worrier as a child. Through a process of faith, Jesus Christ healed my heart. All things are equal and fair for all of God's children because of the sacrifice Jesus made for us. The process isn't complete.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church, my father stayed with the church and my mother became Catholic again when I was 10. I studied other faiths as a teenager and God told me that what I had been taught was true by good feelings, and my doubts were swept away. I saw what I wanted in the lives of the mentors and teachers in the church. There is a distinct feeling in this gospel and I love to be a part of it.

Personal Stories

Can you talk about the missions of the Church and your participation in them?

I served a Spanish speaking mission in North Florida from 2006-2008. When I first began it was a difficult transition because I found that I was not there to teach my own ideas, and I was teaching principles really had no personal experiences with. In many ways I was gaining an understanding and testimony of tithing, marriage and family right along with the people I taught. The biggest miracle of the experience was and is the eternal friends I have thanks to the mission. There truly are no words, no song that can express what it means to me to share this message and the love I felt (and feel) for the people I met.

How I live my faith

I ask questions and know my knowledge will never be complete in this life, at least not in every area. I look to other faiths for truths they have, and I celebrate diversity because I know a real restoration won't be complete without the bringing of different backgrounds, with the ideas and sensitivities different cultures bring. I live my life to teach others hopefully by example, and joyfully serve because we are here to be happy.