Evan: Mormon.

Hi I'm Evan

About Me

For over twenty years, until I retired in 2015, I was an administrator and teacher at a Catholic university, a job I really enjoyed. I've been married to the same lovely lady for over 40 years. We have six grown kids. I spend a good bit of time caring for our disabled oldest son. I bathe, shave and dress him and get him off to work in the mornings, take him for walks, and help him do his exercises. He follows me around as I work in the garden or when my wife and I go almost anywhere. I like to make sourdough pancakes for breakfast every Saturday morning. Often on a Friday night my wife and I—and our son—will sit down to watch a Netflix movie.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents were Mormon, but this isn't a religion a person just inherits—it's too much work. For me it is a choice I make every day. When I was in high school I had many friends of other faiths. We often talked about religion. I wasn't sure what I believed. My mom encouraged me to find out for myself. I read the accounts of the Savior's life in the Bible and Book of Mormon. I prayed sincerely to know if Jesus is truly what the scriptures say. I learned for myself, because the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, that Christ lives and that He made it possible for me to return to live with God. As a result, I want to follow His teachings. Later I learned for myself that the Book of Mormon is a true record, written by prophets, and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, who restored the true Church of Jesus Christ. I know these things for myself, not because anyone else told them to me.

Personal Stories

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

I love the part of the Book of Mormon that describes Christ's ministry among the people of the American continent. He taught many of the same principles He taught in the Bible account, in the Sermon on the Mount, for example, but the Book of Mormon adds much more. For example, the Book of Mormon includes Christ's commandment for us to pray in our families, for our wives and children. We followed that instruction every day as our children were growing up—and still now when they are gone. Our family prayers brought God's influence into our family. They gave our children, and us as parents, a sense of security and confidence. I also love this part of the Book of Mormon because it is such a dramatic witness of Christ's bodily resurrection. It is a second witness to the Bible's account. Christ lives, in his glorious, resurrected body. 2,500 people in the Americas saw Him, touched Him, and heard Him teach. The account in the Book of Mormon increases my knowledge and understanding of God and His son Jesus Christ.

How has the Holy Ghost helped you?

The Holy Ghost helps me every day. I pray each day that He will guide me and help me in the various circumstances that arise—and there are always circumstances—decisions, conversations, choices, meetings. He exerts a subtle influence, nudging me to say or do this or that, always to bless me or others around me. Sometimes in the morning as I pray the Holy Ghost will suggest specific actions I can take in response to a problem or concern I have. I have learned always to follow through quickly, because when I do good results always follow. I am grateful to have God's special messenger, the gift of the Holy Ghost, to be an influence in my life.

How I live my faith

I kneel and pray to God every morning before I begin my day. Then I read a selection from the scriptures. I want to have God's influence and guidance every day, in everything I do. I feel His help all the time. I feel He's very close to me and helping in my daily life, in my efforts to be a better husband and father and friend. My wife and I are assigned to fellowship and support a number of special people in our congregation. We visit them every month and try to encourage, teach and strengthen them. Our disabled son always goes along. People love him, and somehow I think he gives them extra hope and courage. I'm especially concerned about living the gospel in my family, which to me is the most important place to live out my faith. I love my wife, and she loves me. We love our children, and we have peace in our family. For this I am very grateful. My wife and I also think a lot about our parents and our ancestors. We're trying to preserve their stories and photos and pass them on to our children and grandchildren so that they will know who they are and recognize the source of our many blessings and advantages.