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Hi I'm Sandi D

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

 I am fifty year old business professional who's favorite thing in the world is my family. I have been married to my sweetheart for nearly 30 years. We have four amazing children. I enjoy traveling, reading, blogging, genealogy, photography, scrapbooking, quilting, family gatherings, camping, sight seeing especially beautiful farms, and ALL of my children's many activities. I love the Lord and I am actively involved in my local Ward Church congregation as the Music Chairwoman. I love music and have been involved in it for many years. I have three daughters who are State Champions in their respective areas of music. I have a son who has special needs. I love serving others. It makes me so happy. 

Why I am a Mormon

 Why am I a Mormon? That is a very good question, one that I take extremely seriously. It’s because of my faith in my Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. You see, I’ve come to know them…personally. Let me tell you how Years ago I came to discover through reading the scriptures that my Heavenly Father is not some far removed entity, or merely a great bedtime story for children, nor is he a being so supernal that he has lost touch with His children. Nor is He a cruel uncaring Father who has gone to the furthest reaches of the universe and lost interest in us, or left us to our own devises. He lives, He cares, and He loves us. We are His children. God the Father is indeed my father. But I have an earthly father that I love very much. Who then is God to me? He is the father of my spirit, my soul, my intelligence. He has allowed me to come to this earth to gain a mortal body so that I can learn and grow and have experiences unique to this mortal existence. If He is a loving Heavenly Father then what is MY relationship with him to be like? It helped me tremendously when I examined more closely the relationship I have with my earthly father whom I love and respect very much. How do we cultivate the father/daughter relationship? Well, since my earthly father lives around 1,500 miles away from me…we communicate a lot by phone. We talk about how happy we are to be talking to each other, weather yes weather since I like to rub in the beautiful Texas winters as they are shoveling snow out west, the children’s activities, upcoming trips, our health, business, and even our testimonies, and faith promoting experiences we’ve had recently. We also talk a lot about missing Mother who passed away a few years ago. Having these conversations helps us both feel closer to the other. Sharing our thoughts and feelings solidifies our bond and love for each other. I felt the deep need to pray to my Heavenly Father. What then, could I possibly talk to my Heavenly Father about to grow and cultivate a more personal relationship to God? Since He is an all knowing, all Seeing, Omnipotent Father then why do I have to humble myself, and reach out to him in prayer? Why can I not skip it because I know that He knows everything I’m thinking, feeling, and going to say anyways, AND what my needs are? The answer to this is actually Why I Am A Mormon. I believe that God does care about us, our problems, sorrows, joys, triumphs, and every single detail of our lives. I know that when a young boy named Joseph Smith knelt to pray to find answers to his pure innocent prayer that the Heavens were again opened and He saw God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. It was time for a Restoration of all things. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live, they are alive today and when Jesus asks us to Come Unto Him that is exactly what He means. WE need to come to THEM. Jesus does not need to chase each one of us down and beg for our faithfulness, He came already. He paid the ultimate price, He bought us with His innocent perfect blood. And he beckons us still…to COME. With this earthly experience they have provided us they also allowed for us to have free agency, or, the power to choose. We need to use this free agency to choose to come closer to God. To want to align ourselves with them. To try to follow Christ’s example by entering the waters of Baptism and having faith unto salvation. I am a Mormon because it has all of the qualities, and components of Christ’s Church when he was living here upon the earth during His ministry. I invite you to look into it for yourself. Remember, the heavens ARE open. If you are looking for answers to your questions you must use your God given free agency to MOVE, ACT, LEARN, etc. Faith is an action word. His is the Gospel of DOING. I chose to study, ponder, and pray to Him. As I poured out my concerns, and problems, and gratitude to Him and established and felt that bond and relationship with Him grow…I have come to KNOW that He is MY Heavenly Father, and His wonderful Son is MY Savior and redeemer…as well as YOURS. I have come to know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is not the only church with truth…but rather when the church was restored it was restored to a fullness of truth unto salvation. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. Each and EVERY prophet since the beginning of time has testified of Christ. That is Joseph’s witness and he paid for it with his innocent blood. I am a Mormon because this knowledge has led me to a pathway that contains the Priesthood and the Ordinances necessary for exaltation and for me to do the things that are necessary for me to live with them again someday, with my family. To be CLOSE to them now. I could no longer go back and just live with the status quo. People are so right…this life is meant to be LIVED… and I want my life to be worn out is His service and in the service of others. I LOVE being a Mormon.

How I live my faith

 I think the most obvious today is that I believe in my marraige vows and take them seriously. So I live my faith by being faithful to my dear husband of nearly 30 years. I live my faith also by being part of our Ward congregation family , I attend my meetings and try to be exceptional at my calling as Ward Music Chair. I refrain from drinking alchohol, and do not use tobacco, or illegal drugs of any kind to try to be a healthy contributing member of not only our congregation but my neighborhood and community. I teach my children the values that we learn in church, and in the scriptures so that they too may know where to look for their help, direction, inspiration, and peace...through our Savior Jesus Christ. I live my faith by prayer, study and faith. I live my faith by trying to be like Christ in all I say and do. By treating others with respect, and true friendship and love. I live my faith by being honest with my dealings with the people I do business with, and the people who work for me and any businesses that I trade with. I live my faith by honoring my good name. I live my faith by keeping my mind and body and actions as clean as I can. Free from the filth of inappropraite media of any kind. I live my faith by being happy and finding joy in good wholesome activities with the people I love. We have a great time. I live my faith by searching my family history and doing my genealogy and keeping a journal. I live my faith by having a deep love and respect for this country and the men and women who have served us all so well. I live my faith by being a Mother whom my children will someday call blessed.