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Hi I'm Kate

I love to travel the world, meet people and experience their world. I seek to follow Jesus Christ. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a small town in Idaho, but I kept my dreams big. In college, I studied public relations and international studies with a goal to one day work for the LDS Church. Because I have always wanted to see the world, I spent my off-semesters teaching and interning around the US and the world: Nantucket Island, China, Samoa, Uruguay and Washington, D.C. I love those experiences and ache to see more of the world and be among various cultures and people. I love to talk to them, learn about their lives and share with them what means the very most to me. Even now, I talk to people from other places as often as I can because I can never quite get enough. I am passionate about people and cultures. I love their languages, their smiles, their food and their lives. I am an avid learner, traveler and "experiencer". I love Christ and His gospel and hope to share it with the world. I am a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised a member of the Church. My mom was baptized when she was 21 and my dad's family membership dates back to the pioneers. However, my own personal conviction -- because THAT is how one remains faithful to anything: personal faith and assurance that something is real -- came when I was a young girl. I attended the Church's organization for children and sung songs about being a child of a real and loving Heavenly Father and the hope of living with Him someday. I knew then as much as I know now that the words of those songs are true. I did live with my Father in Heaven before this life. I came here to show my faithfulness and obedience to His plan. He sent His Son to make it possible, because we cannot return to our Father in a whole and perfect manner without the Atonement of Christ. We know of this plan through prophets, both ancient and living and can read of it in the Holy Scriptures. Our Father wants our happiness so He has made it possible for family relationships to endure beyond this life. This knowledge brings me such peace and assurance and HOPE in a very troubled world. This is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

As with dedication to anything, the more often you do it, the greater your commitment is to it. Attending Sunday worship services is of course part of my personal worship plan. However, my faith in Christ leads me to more. It's easy to simply be a Sunday saint, but the six days in between is so much time. I know personally that my attitude and focus can change in a few minutes, let alone a week. In order to make my faith more personal, I make a special effort to read daily from the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and other Church books and magazines. I also find that when I am closest to my Father, suddenly a daily prayer or even twice daily isn't enough. I want to talk to Him when I am walking to work. I want to chat when I have a little downtime right after dinner. I can always find something to say, and I know that He listens if I am willing to speak. He also speaks in return through the Holy Spirit, giving me inspiration, guidance and peace. One of the greatest ways to live my faith is to live a life patterned after the life of the One whose name it bears. Christ loved and lifted and served. I, too, seek to do that for those around me. I also know that the gospel means so much more to me when I take the time to share it. Although I don't do it perfectly, I strive to share the good news with others because IT IS!! It IS good news!

In whom should we have faith?

I believe a common misconception of the Church is that we worship Joseph Smith. This is not true. I love and honor him for his vital role in restoring of the gospel once more on the earth, but he is not who we worship nor have faith in. He, just as Moses, Noah, Simon Peter, etc., was an instrument in the hands of the Lord. Throughout time, God has worked upon the Earth through His prophets. So, in whom do I have faith? Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I have faith in the Father's plan, which is carried out in the righteous actions of His son, Jesus Christ. They know me. They love me and yearn for me, and for all of us, to come to know Them and return to Their presence. This is the Great Plan of Happiness because that's what it provides: peace and happiness in this life and eternal happiness in the world to come. It is not always easy, but man, is it worth it! Show more Show less