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Hi I'm Sundy Lynn

and I grew up in Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia. I'm a wife, a grad student, a voice instructor, and a Mormon.

About Me

Who I am: Have lived in 8 states and three countries. Married since 2008. My husband and I cook healthy food together. We have lost 2 children to late-staged pregnancy loss. Sister to three, sister-in-law to 5. I am one who believes that I've never met an ordinary person (thank you, C. S. Lewis!). I am sometimes shy but mostly outgoing. I am a counseling intern who works with families and individuals in crisis. I am an Anne of Green Gables fan. I am an abstract thinker. I am grateful. What I do: Sing-I got a degree in music and currently have six voice students; my husband plays the piano--that's how we met. Quilt & scrapbook- I love color and design but I do not paint, draw, etc., so blocks of color really excite me. Serve- My husband and love found an assisted living center that has 13 residents all in their late 80's and up (the oldest is 99!). We go twice a month to visit and sing with them--they really light up our lives. Talk- I am a talker. I love to meet new people. I love to stay connected to old friends. I love to connect with people that have similar situations to mine and those people who know what I don't. Entertain- I like to throw small parties for holidays and invite couples/families/neighbors over for dinners. We usually invite people over once or twice a month, so long as they are willing to play board games with us :)

Why I am a Mormon

I have always been aware of the spiritual light and darkness that can come into my life. When I live the teachings of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, I feel the "light of life" (John 8:12) fill me up, giving me peace, direction, and the ability to keep going every day. I love the Book of Mormon. I read it with the Bible. I know both to be the words of God to His chosen servants (prophets like Amos, apostles like John), but there's something remarkable about the Book of Mormon--many people believe the Bible, but so few people actually even know what is in the Book of Mormon--where it came from, who wrote in it. The light I feel when I read from scripture energies me, makes me what to serve other people, & allows me to feel Jesus Christ's love and existence in my life today. So often I have conversations with those outside of the LDS church--Christians and not--who are confused about what is morally right and what is just tradition. Knowing that God has a servant on earth right now, a prophet who speaks with Him and gives guidance to me, gives me firm ground to stand on when others feel unsettled.

How I live my faith

Went on an 18 month mission to Botswana and South Africa where I shared my beliefs with families and individuals in their homes, did community service, and sang for local events. Sing in our congregational choir Occasionally lead youth/children's choirs Attend gatherings with other Mormon women where we discuss things like financial preparedness and do service projects for the community. Work with 12 9 & 10 year old children as their Sunday School Teacher. We study the scriptures together. Each class member has been given a study journal to record thoughts, impressions, and questions while they read the scriptures. We find answers together. Their faith in Jesus Christ is real. Visit two women on a monthly basis to see how they are doing, share an encouraging message, and develop friendships. Attend weekly church services; occasionally teach lessons or address congregation. Donate tithes and offerings for those experiencing financial hardship.

What is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' attitude regarding homosexuality and same sex marriage?

Sundy Lynn
God loves all of his children. The church, and especially the church leaders, have a compassionate stance towards those who experience homosexuality. We know from "The Family:A Proclamation to the World" that gender is part of our pre-mortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose. To me, this means that I was a woman before I was born, I am a woman now, and I will be a woman after I die. From the Proclamation and other scriptures, I learn that God's whole purpose in creating an earth is for His children to come here to receive bodies of flesh and bone that will one day die and one day be resurrected. It is only with these bodies that we can marry and have eternal families. If a man marries a man, his marriage will not allow him to create an eternal family. The issue is not one that is clearly understood by anyone but God. Only He knows the heartache of those who are attracted to their same sex. The church does not hate those who live a gay lifestyle--they mourn for those people because they know that such happiness cannot last. I personally know and have close friendships with a large handful of Mormons who experience varying levels of homosexuality--some have left the teachings of the church (to remain celibate or wait until they find someone of the opposite gender who they love) for a gay lifestyle, but most remain active in the church, getting support from loving people who do not judge them. Show more Show less

What is faith?

Sundy Lynn
A way of acting, believing, and thinking that is not based on knowledge but on a hope that something is real. Having faith in Jesus Christ means I am willing to follow His commandments, sometimes even before I know why, until eventually, after I have tasted the fruits of my labor, my faith turns into knowledge because I can see the effects. Show more Show less