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Hi I'm Merritt

I'm an lithographic engineer who loves his family, enjoys hiking, mountain biking and playing tennis. I'm a mormon.

About Me

I work in the semiconductor industry for the leading manufacturer of lithographic equipment, ASML. Working with ASML has allowed me to live with my family in Taiwan, Thailand, The Netherlands and Singapore which we greatly enjoyed. We love Asian culture and food. Where ever we moved there was a congregation of church members to help our family assimilate to the new country. Now we live in Albuquerque New Mexico where I work at the Intel facility in Rio Rancho. My wife and I enjoy reading and taking walks in the early morning. We have three daughters the youngest of which will head off to college soon. I enjoy playing tennis and play in a 4.0 league each spring. Five years ago I fulfilled one of my life dreams by building a tennis court in my backyard. No more driving to the courts and finding them full and if it rains I can just go inside and wait for the courts to dry. I am looking forward to retiring soon and spending more time with my wife, playing tennis and continuing to serve in the church.

Why I am a Mormon

I have a strong belief that the family is an eternal relationship as revealed to the prophet Joseph Smith. These teachings also rang true to my Grandparents who separately heard this teaching in Switzerland and after joining the church left their beautiful farms there to immigrate to the United States. They met in Utah and were married and raised 5 children the youngest of which was my mother. I love what the church's teachings have done to help my wife and I raise our 3 daughters to make good decisions during their teenage years. They were able to avoid so many of the mistakes that are common to that age. The church's teachings helped us instill in each of them a knowledge of their own personal worth, the importance of honesty and virtue and the joy that comes from service and loving others. They are now all three well on their way to being happy adults who are pursuing their own dreams and are in a position to make them happen. What parent could ask for more than that for their children? My mother past away two years ago and while we miss Grandma Lucy greatly, we also know that she has been re-united with her parents and siblings and will be there for us when it's time for us to leave this mortal life behind.

How I live my faith

I work closely with the youth in our congregation as part of my church calling. Just this past month, we have: Hiked 50 miles in the Pecos Wilderness where we learned reverence for nature, the importance of loyalty and sacrifice, and the need for good old fashioned hard work to accomplish goals. Pulled weeds in a community garden dedicated to grow food for the homeless. Had a swim party where the youth just got to enjoy hanging out with one another and playing water basketball. Each of these activities allow the youth to practice the principles taught by Jesus Christ of self improvement, serving others and enjoying life. On a more personal level I feel that service to my fellow man is one of the cornerstones of faithful living. I enjoy helping my neighbors and strangers who cross my path. In the work place I try to treat everyone as if they were my brother.

What is the Word of Wisdom that Mormons talk about?

The Word of Wisdom is guidance on how to show reverence to the bodies that our Heavenly Father created for us. It teaches us to avoid things that are addictive and take away our agency including cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs, and to take advantage of the healthy foods that He has provided for us. I feel I have benefited greatly by never getting involved with these addictive substances and could do more to avoid foods that are not healthy for me, there is always something more to work on! Show more Show less

What is the Law of Chastity?

I love the blessings that obeying this law have brought into my life. The Law of Chastity deals with understanding that sex is a gift that God has given to his children which binds a husband and wife together and allows them to have children of their own after they have married. This special power should be treated as something that is sacred. This means avoiding anything that would replace love with lust such as pornography or suggestive movies or books that treat sex as a means to satisfy a trivial physical appetite. Besides avoiding these things that degrade sex we need to keep control of our thoughts and actions so that it is only experienced within the bonds of marriage. The church also teaches that we should dress modestly to show respect for our bodies. Knowing that my wife and I both live this principle creates a oneness in our marriage that would not be possible otherwise. It also lets our children know that we are 100% committed toward one another and to them. Show more Show less