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Hi I'm Kate

Born & raised in Calif., I was a "hands-on" Mom & now I'm Loving my life as a grandma. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love walks in the mountains, picnics by lakes or rivers and trailer-camping vacations along the Oregon Coast, Yellowstone National Park or the Rocky Mountains. I'm an avid amateur photographer and enjoy taking photos of wildlife and landscapes and, of course, grandchildren. My husband and I enjoy taking grandchildren along on our trips and find it fun to "see" nature's wonders through young eyes experiencing the ocean or a mother grizzly and cubs in the wild for the first time. I also love searching for and compiling a record of my ancestors, much of which I am able to do online now. I have taken Family History trips with one of my daughters to the Hudson River Valley in New York where my father's Dutch and English ancestors lived for 10 generations and to England (the trip of a lifetime!!) where I was able walk where some of my mother's English ancestors once lived. I have been searching out her German heritage but don't know if I'll ever make it Germany to see the little village from where they emigrated. Some of my grandchildren call me "Sewing Grandma." I used to sew for figure-skaters and dancers and made 'princess' dresses for all of my grand daughters. I enjoy animals and have a pet yellow lab and an African Grey Parrot who calls me by name and lets me know if he wants a drink; some spaghetti; to come out of or go back to his cage or go to sleep. When he sees me get my keys, he yells, "See you later, alligator!"

Why I am a Mormon

My mother was raised in a Baptist Orphanage in NY. After she was married and my brother and I were born to her, she struggled with exhaustion due to my brother's chronic illnesses. After a series of sleepless nights caring for him, she could not stop his crying. She tried desperately to comfort him but was unable to. She laid him on the bed and dropped to the floor sobbing in exhaustion & frustration. She cried out, "Is there a God? I don't believe there is a God because if there were, why would he allow an innocent baby to suffer?" She said it was not so much an denunciation of God as it was a desperate plea. Shortly thereafter, 2 Mormon missionaries knocked on her door. The missionaries asked if they could come in and she said she wanted to slam the door in their faces but could not bring herself to be so rude. They came in, prayed with her and asked her what her concept of god was. She was afraid if she said she didn't believe they would stay and argue with her so she replied, "God is a spirit, God is love." They asked if they could share their concept of God and as they told her of a loving Heavenly Father with a body, she said the most marvelous feeling came over her and she KNEW there was a God! She hungered to know more. She studied and was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was six at the time and attended church with her as long as my agnostic father permitted but he would not allow me to be baptized. I attended church with my Catholic and other Christian friends. I read & studied other faiths as well as L.D.S. doctrines and compared them with the Bible. My father finally allowed me to be baptized at age 11 and I continued to search the scriptures seeking to learn and understand the nature of God, my relationship to him and what he expected of me. At age 14 received an irrefutable witness of the Holy Spirit that the doctrines taught by the Latter-day Saints were true and were supported by the Bible.

How I live my faith

I currently volunteer as a den leader for the Cub Scout Pack sponsored by my church. I have had the opportunity to teach and serve as an administrative leader in my church's children's, youth and women's auxillaries. I have enjoyed the "high" that comes from working side-by-side with others in humanitarian activities ranging from harvesting and canning produce, packing flour & grain products at a church mill to making quilts, school bags and newborn kits to be sent to relieve suffering all over the world. Recently, I served as our local church newsletter editor. Throughout the years these experiences I have developed rich friendships, developed skills and felt blessed to be part of a community that seeks to lift and help Heavenly Father's children in anyway we can. I have raised my children to know the reality of a loving Heavenly Father who has a plan for his children and work for us to do while in mortality. Our family motto is, "A Loving Family Multiplies Joy and Divides Grief." The family is the basic unit of the Kingdom of God and I strive to maintain a home where the Spirit of the Lord is welcome and my husband, children and grandchildren can come and find an 'oasis of tranquility in a sea of turmoil'- a refuge from the world. I try to teach by example that when we serve God when we serve His children. I have found that the more we do the things Jesus the Christ taught and did, the more we feel and understand what he felt and did, and thus, the more we feel the companionship of his spirit. My husband and I took my mother and dying father into our home a few years ago and my mother has continued to live with us following the death of my father in 2010. I have visited sick neighbors, taken meals, cleaned their homes, helped with yard work & cared for their children. I have given financial and physical help where able. I have volunteered at our elementary school. I have worked with my neighbors to clean up after hurricane force winds hit our area.

What do Mormons believe about the nature of God?

When my mother first opened the door to see the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ, she had come to feel there was no God; but as they described to her the magnificent being who is our Father in Heaven, she says the most indescribable JOY came over her and she knew that what they were saying was true. She knew there was a God and for the first time in her life she began to pray to her Father as a God who has a face, not the ethereal, unconceivable entity that she had been taught as a child. Up to that point in her life, she had never taught me anything about God. From that point on, as I began to learn about Heavenly Father, the knowledge not only brings peace and hope to my soul but makes so much sense to my rational mind. A loving Heavenly Father who sent us into this world to learn by our own experience makes sense of mortality. That he would love us as we love our children makes sense. That he would send the Savior, Jesus Christ, to atone for our sins and then show us the pathway back to Him makes sense when I know He is my Father who in His perfect love desires the growth and happiness of His children. Show more Show less