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Hi I'm Michele

About Me

I'm a mother of three and wife to my husband of 27 years. We live in beautiful Southern California, in the house we bought when we were first married. Although I have had to face some serious trials in life, I have tried to maintain a positive attitude and always keep things in perspective. I love being a mom, and now a grandma. Children add such a wonderful richness and opportunity for growth with in us. I absolutely believe that my faith in Jesus Christ and the values I've tried to maintain, have given me the strength to overcome daily challenges, and work toward a greater good.

Why I am a Mormon

Ever since I was very young, I had felt a particular way about the nature of God. When my Mother joined the LDS/Mormon church, all of those feelings were manifested in the teachings of the church. It was like I had found truth-everything made sense. I was 10 yrs. old when I was baptised. That was 40 years ago, and my feelings and testimony of it's truthfulness has never changed! I've lived with family members who did not agree, but the more they would try to change me, the stronger my testimony grew. I have read the Book of Mormon, which is another testament of Jesus Christ, and I know that it is exactly as it claims to be! I love the New Testament and the Old Testament. I have felt such a strong and powerful witness to the truthfulness of the doctrines I have studied in this Church...they are undeniable. There really is a peace and comfort that comes to those who finally find truth.

How I live my faith

Prayer is a basic building block of my faith. The wonderful thing about prayer is that anyone has that gift of communication with God. It is not necessary to be perfect, or wealthy, or anything in particular...just willing to share your concerns with a loving Heavenly Father, and listen to the promptings that follow. Being grateful and showing that gratitude through service is also part of the foundations of my faith. Everything has a purpose, and everything has been created for the benefit of mankind. We are responsible stewards of this precious earth. I believe that when we are in service of our fellow beings, we are also in the service of our God. Teaching the youth of our church as another way I live my faith. It is a joy to see young men and young women, who defy the stereotypical troubled teens of the world, joining together to make the world a better place; to not be a burden on society. They have hope and are willing to work hard. They are great examples to me!

Why don’t women hold the priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? How do Mormon women lead in the Church?

Women are inherently endowed with gifts and talents that help them fulfill their callings as women: nuturing, organized, loving, helpful etc. Men are given a seperate responsibility to provide for their families. This great calling demands a constant partnership with a Heavenly Father/God, one that would allow for inspiration on behalf of a man's stewardship. This partnership with God is the Priesthood. It is great wisdom that allows for such guidance, and as a wife, I am grateful that my husband also recognizes his accountability to God. Women of the church belong to one of the oldest women's organization on the planet. It is called the Relief Society. Throughout it's existence, the women of the LDS Church have served their communities, taught everything from basic first aid to starting a business. Even developed classes in becoming self reliant. Women have always had numerous opportunities to lead in various auxiliary departments; Primary Leadership for children, Young Women Leadership for youth, Activity leaders, Music leaders, home skills, child care, welfare counsellors..the list goes on. Decisions within a Church Ward (division of members with in a specific area) that involve the children, young women and adult women, always involve the women leaders. Show more Show less