L. Schuerch: Mormon.

Hi I'm L. Schuerch

About Me

I'm 26 and I'm a college student. I have been married for four years and I have a six month old son who keeps me very busy. I also have a chocolate lab, Charlie who keeps me from ever getting bored or some rest. After college I tentatively plan to go to law school to become an attorney. I served a two year mission for my church in London, England and I loved every bit of it. I love backpacking, hiking and camping and we always try to do at least one big outing per year with the family.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up a member of the church since my parents were members. When I was a teenager I struggled and decided that I no longer wanted to be affiliated with the church. After much looking and searching for happiness elsewhere, I became lost and confused; I didn't if anyone had any answers anymore. My best friend died when I was 18 and it shook me up well enough that I decided to find a way to alleviate the anguish of grief. As I kept looking, I eventually turned to the Book of Mormon, I had grown up reading it everyday with my family and it didn't seem to be a likely answer. As I kept reading, and praying about what I had read, I started understanding and developing my relationship with God. Where anguish and anger had been, I felt warmth and love, I felt as though my whole body was smiling. I still struggle, and I still make mistakes, but I no longer wonder whether anyone out there cares about me, I don't wonder if I'm the only one who doesn't get answers, or if my existence means anything. I know God lives, I know he has put me on the earth for a purpose, I know He sent His son Jesus Christ to redeem me from sin and die for me. I know that because Jesus Christ was resurrected, I have the chance to find happiness in this life and return to live with God someday. I know those things because I feel it in my heart, I know that when Thomas Monson speaks, he speaks as a modern servant of God whose only concern is my welfare.

Personal Stories

Please share your feelings/testimony of Joseph Smith.

Joseph Smith restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth when it was covered in darkness and confusion. God let him know that though many had pieces of truth and understood very important principles, none had the whole truth, and none had the authority given to them to act in His name. Joseph Smith came to be called as the first prophet in our times to reveal all of God's truth for his children. He reestablished God's church on the earth and made sacred covenants that had been performed in olden days to us. Because of Joseph Smith, the fullness of Jesus Christ's atonement is available to all of us.

How I live my faith

I go to church once a week on Sunday for three hours. I teach the elder's quorum class which is a class for men who hold the priesthood. I teach about faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism, and the things which we must do to find happiness in this life and return to live with God some day. I'm not a professional teacher so most of the time I have to rely on the people I teach to keep the class atmosphere interesting. I'm also a hometeacher, which means that I have the opportunity to visit two families once a month, every month. I find out about things that I can help them with, like moving, yard work, babysitting...and I try to share a spiritual message to uplift their spirit.