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Hi I'm Emily

I love life, people, and creative expression. My greatest inspiration is our creator, Jesus Christ. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a Mormon family where my parents were great examples of Christianity. They were kind, loving, hard-working, and disciplined. I am grateful for my upbringing. I believe their examples affected my life in such a positive way and have inspired me to avoid many challenges that come as consequences from making poor choices. Instead, I have had a life full of hope, faith and happiness even through difficulties. In college I studied visual and performing arts. I always loved performing, painting, writing or entertaining in any way. I enjoy using my creativity to add joy to people's experience of life. Now I am married to a strong, hard-working, faithful Mormon man. Every day I think to myself, I must have done something right! My greatest artistic creation is my 3 month old son. He is by far the most perfect and the most inspiring work of art I have touched. I'm sure that is because God had a hand in it! My son has brought me the greatest joy. I think about his future journey here on earth and how grateful I am to be his guardian and guide. Having children is a sweet gift from God.

Why I am a Mormon

At first it was because it was all I knew. Now it is because in studying the Book of Mormon, I've learned that I can "experiment upon the words" written therein. According to the scriptures, prophets and apostles, God will bless us beyond our capacities if we keep the commandments and follow Jesus Christ. Joseph B. Wirthlin, an apostle, said "Diligent, enduring obedience to God’s laws is the key that opens the windows of heaven." As I am obedient to the commandments I always find that the promised blessings do indeed come and they are richer, sweeter, and more abundant than I ever imagined! I have a testimony that Jesus Christ lives. He atoned for our sins. Now we may obtain forgiveness of our sins so that we can be pure enough to return to God's presence after this life is over. Jesus Christ lived a mortal life, experienced death and even overcame death through the resurrection. My mother passed away when I was 16. Because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I know that I will see her again. I have felt her presence at different times in my life assuring me that her spirit lives on, awaiting the day of resurrection when her spirit will once again be joined to her perfected body. I have three friends who have lost their children-one in still birth, one in sickness, and one in a tragic accident. All of my friends hold on to the warm hope that they will have their children back in their arms after the resurrection. For all these reasons, I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true and I will continue to testify of this truthfulness as long as I am able.

How I live my faith

My calling in the church is to teach the teenage girls in our community. We call it the Young Women organization. In this organization, I help the girls in the church come to a better understanding of the gospel and learn how to apply it in their everyday life. On Sundays I teach from the scriptures. Then one weekday each week we get together and practice applying what we've learned on Sunday. Some of our weekly activities include visiting the elderly, learning an art or craft, developing our home skills such as cooking, getting physical exercise through sports or walking, creating gift baskets of food for the needy in our area, and the list goes on. Each year, I help plan a camp for the girls to attend during the summer. This gives girls the opportunity to learn outdoor skills as well as appreciate the beauty of this earth which God created.

How can faith in Jesus Christ influence us in our marriages and family relationships? in our friendships?

There are so many ways that faith in Jesus Christ can influence us in our marriages and family relationships. One big way is by giving us hope that we can live together forever, not just until death but for eternity. If you want something to last forever you have to treat it with extreme care. That is the way we are taught to treat our spouses and our families. In this way we strengthen these family relationships and support each other throughout this life. Christ's example of selflessness also influences us. We are taught to strive to be like Jesus. He is the greatest example of selflessness this world has ever known. His whole life was lived for others, not for himself. He came to this earth with only one goal and that was to allow all mankind to return to live with Heavenly Father by atoning for our sins and overcoming death through the resurrection. These two things allow us to return to live with our Father in Heaven and to live with our families for eternity. We are encouraged to follow Christ's example of selflessness by serving our family members and spouses. We also learn that all mankind is one big family unit. We are children of our Father in heaven and we should treat everyone as our brothers and sisters. Our faith in Jesus Christ makes our relationships center around service and love rather than selfishness and greed. This brings lasting happiness and joy to our families and in turn ourselves! Show more Show less