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Hi I'm Jane Elizabeth

I'm a convert, a grateful Mormon. I embrace my opportunity to be a member. I have peace and joy in my heart.

About Me

I am a convert. I am a grateful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I believe that this church is being led by Jesus Christ through honorable, honest, decent, humane men and women to better the lives of all the members and to improve the communities and cities, and towns, and countries around the world without prejudice and according to the will of God the father of the Universe and all that is good and decent. When I was approached by the missionaries I was past the point of searching for a religion that I could feel had the truth that I was hungry for. Many religions had presented me with a lot of fragments of truth, but when the missionaries came to me with their message and the Book of Mormon and asked me to read it and ask if it were true an amazing thing happened. As I read the book I recognized the truths that I knew in my heart were true but then it was like a giant puzzle where it took all those pieces and placed them in context and I could finally see the total picture. I had found logic and peace at the same time. I knew that as I grew I could get answers because this was a truth that was as expandable in knowledge as the universe and I could learn more and feel the love of God daily in my life. I now had practical today leadership to help me understand the purpose of life and have the peace I had searched so many long years for. I finally felt a true repentance and a strong desire to become obedient, not because someone told me to, but because when am living right I can have peace, and I can have forgiveness, and I can abandon fear, dispair, selfishness for faith, hope and charity. I can have the promise of Christ's atonement for my past foolishness and bad choices. I can give my children the only thing that they ever notice and that is to live my life to be an example of the conviction of my choice to be a member and be part of the group that follows Christ's leadership. I have grown so much since those missionaries found me and I know that I have much more to learn and not much time to act on the knowledge that is given me. I know that I will be saved by the Grace of Christ. I will be comforted and inspired and guided by the Spirit of Christ. I will be strengthened by the knowledge of Christ's will for us here and I will be ready to do what I can to make opportunities for others to know this peace.

Why I am a Mormon

Because I believe the that this is the way to progress as I was meant to, with the standards that are given me to live by, I am able to live free from the bad influences that I have previously been swayed by. To evolve into the better self that I am becoming daily, as I distance myself from negativity and foolish folly and selfish pursuits of ego, material envy, emotional baggage, and other efforts that have drained my spirituality from my life and left me feeling empty and without purpose. Because I can give back to the world that I misused due to a lack of understanding and guidance I now can feel peace and a love of those who I used to rebel with and against, I can feel compassion for those that I misjudged, I can give without needing to weigh the benifits on some imaginary scale, I can feel the forgiveness and compassion of my Savior and I want to share in that with all those around me, be they friend, or stranger. Because I can look into a mirror and not doubt my right to exist, or feel slighted because of any struggle that I have to face or have ever faced. I have learned to search the lesson in the circumstances that I find struggle in and embrace the peace that comes from sharing my concerns with my Savior. I would rather live with the peace of mind that I now have than to have to live without faith (lack of fear), hope (lack of dispair), and charity (lack of selfishness). I stand behind my decision to embrace this Church with a conviction that it is the only way for me to live as I was created to live in the here and now as well as the eternity of my soul.

How I live my faith

Being a member of this church is a calling to perfect yourself through service. We are asked to serve each other by being given callings or assigned tasks. They change from time to time and you are often released and given new callings. Every calling is an opportunity to extend your abilities. The more you try to do your calling to the best of your ability the more you discover a strength that you didn't know you had. None of us are perfect and we need to go forward with a determination to do our best. It seems to be augmented by the gift of the Holy Ghost through inspiration and by the fellowship of other members who serve with you. It is our commitment to make every effort to keep our actions uplifting and positive. This isn't a Polyanna type of thinking. Life has many difficult situations to face. Sickness, death, disappointments, disease, financial difficulties, and a wide spectrum of problems will still be part of our lives. Being a member doesn't take away the problems that are ever present in this mortal life, but it gives you a new understanding of what problems are and you are never alone. Both Christ and your fellow members are there willing to help you bridge the difficult and painful moments. Reality is faced with determination, prayer, and often soul searching. You always can discuss lives problems with other members who might have the experience to help you find answers to meeting your new challenges. I had wonderful women who were beside me when I was given a position with the children's program called the Primary. They helped me to find a side of me I didn't know existed so that I could be a leader for our children which turns out that leading really means to serve in the spirit of Christ for the uplifting and instructional purpose of giving children values and the ability to cope with challenges and learn to make good choices. The children taught me so much those three years and I got a new respect for the abilities of those young spirits and my heart was softened to have a new love for even the most difficult of children. I am no expert, but I am a better person for the experience. Living my faith is done on a minute to minute basis. It is done by watching my thoughts and guarding against my human character defects. I understand that to those who are given much, much is expected. I have learned to leave chaos out of my life and to work at being useful in the world and not of the world. I work to let go of vanity, false pride, faulty perceptions, unkind feelings, judgmental prejudices, but mostly I work on trying to be more generous with my time, talent, and means. I have learned about the big picture. I have learned to value all people and to recognize that they are all spirit children of our Creator. I haven't walked in their shoes, but I have walked in mine and know that the path isn't always carefully chosen and many pitfalls await those who are not prepared. They are not here for me to fix, and sometimes the best I have to give is to not hasten to judge them. I don't need to approve or judge their choices. I have found the faulty yardstick by which I used to arrogantly judge others and I found it was of my own making. I created it from my effort to justify my own choices. Yes, I do know right from wrong and through the teachings of this Church I am learning more every day about being more Christlike and learning to truly love my brother as myself. I have learned to embrace the good and to avoid the pain of bad choices. God has been good to bring me to this day. If it were my last I would have to say that I do wish to dwell in the house of the Lord forever. I love that God's house is a house of order and that there is spiritual sanity restored to this earth. I invite anyone who has felt an inspiration from reading my story to search for yourself with an seeking heart and an open mind. Christ has already gone more than half the way to meet you and will take you up and remind you that you are a precious child of God. Remember you are a spiritual being, having a mortal experience. This earth is but a temporary home. It is also a school that teaches and tests.

What do Mormons believe about the Holy Ghost? Who is the Holy Ghost?

Jane Elizabeth
The Holy Ghost is the spirit of Christ that remained with the human race to be available to inspire us, guide us, comfort us and help us to live with a strong influence of Christ on a personal basis as we move through the trials of this existence. Show more Show less

Can you tell me about Mormon customs: how you dress for church, what holidays you celebrate, etc.?

Jane Elizabeth
Our defination of proper dress is white shirts, ties, and slacks for boys and suits for men in this country. The women are dressed in either skirts and blouses or dresses for Sacrament meetings. Church dress is suggested for all occasions that take place in the chapel. Other activities that take place in the church in the recreational hall or in the other meeting rooms should be modest but regular clothing appropriate to the activity that is being held. We celebrate the same holidays as most Christian Americans in America. We respectfully accept that Christmas and Easter have both a civilian and a spiritual meaning. We also celebrate holidays like pioneer days which honor the people who made the long trek across the country to establish the Salt Lake valley and the other areas that required our ancestors to make great sacrifices to follow the early church leaders as they sought to establish a home for Zion. In other parts of the world where the church is established it is customary for the members to dress in either proper clothing according to the customs of their land, or to adopt the dress of the American counterparts. Mostly it is about respect and about modesty and decency in the house of the Lord. Show more Show less