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Hi I'm Ryan, also known as Radio Ryan

I write advertisements, I'm a grown-up Boy Scout, I enjoy water sports and cooking, I'm a father and a husband, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am the husband of an amazing Mormon wife and a father of five fantastic children. I currently work as a marketing consultant in radio but my experience is much broader. At the age of six my mother allowed me to grow pumpkins. That fall I harvested them and spent an entire day selling the fruits of my labors by flagging down passing cars. At the end of the day I had sold every one and felt enriched by the experience. Since then I have worked as a nurseryman, lifeguard, amusement park ride operator, lead generator, market researcher, call center manager, mortgage loan officer, financial adviser, bank manager, risk manager, insurance agent, director of a networking non-profit, radio ad copywriter, and marketing consultant. While my career summary is long, I find more joy volunteering and serving my fellow man. I have been a Boy Scout leader for over 10 years and currently serve as a scoutmaster. What a blessing it is to meet weekly with these fine young men and serve them as they discover who they really are. They give me hope of a bright future for my own children. Ultimately I am a family man. A few years ago I was working 70 to 90 hours a week at a dead-end job, a job that owned me. I was working long hours seven days a week, making a difference to my employees while only spending my sleeping hours at home and watching my family drift away. Fortunately, I woke up in time and realized that my family is worth more than any amount of money, so I quit my job.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was younger I worked as a bag boy at a grocery store in New Mexico. One of my duties was to ask each customer if they would like assistance taking their groceries to their car. One day, a woman came through my line and accepted my offer to help her take her groceries to her vehicle. As we walked to her car we had a pleasant but meaningless conversation. I loaded the groceries into her vehicle and waved as she drove off. Later that day, as I bagged the purchase of a single small item for a customer, I looked up and realized, it was the same woman I had helped that morning. I asked her if she would like assistance with her grocery item, sure that she would decline. You can imagine my surprise when she accepted my offer. While we walked together across the parking lot for the second time that day, I was curious why she wanted my help. As we neared her car she said, "I didn't really need to buy this. I just came back to the store so that I could ask you a question. Why are you always so happy?" I floundered a bit for an answer and then, scared to discuss religion, I said, "I find that the day goes better when you put on a happy face and look for the good in everything." Let me tell you now, while that sounds like a good answer, it's not the reason I am happy. I am happy because I enjoy the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Oh how I wish I had been bolder! I pray that someone else will meet this woman and have the courage to answer her question honestly. While sad, this experience has helped me overcome my fear to stand for Christ. I love Jesus. I know that He is my Savior and my Redeemer. He atoned for my sins as well as those of every other man, woman, or child who has lived or will live. He is the Son of the Father. Through his atonement, I can be cleansed and receive forgiveness for my sins. His sacrifice makes it possible for me to return to live with God the Father. I have prayed to God and know that this is His one true church.

How I live my faith

Mornings in our home start with a devotional. I wake up my children and we meet in the living room. We sing a song, read in the scriptures, and then have a family prayer. We then close our devotional by reciting virtues that my wife and I decided upon, representing each letter in our last name. We have found that morning devotionals help our children and us to have the strength to withstand daily temptations. I currently serve the youth in the Church, specifically the 12 and 13 year old young men. While it's true that this age group has their own special challenges, they are a lot of fun. I am their scoutmaster and feel it a privilege to plan with them and help them discover their potential. I feel constantly taught and nourished as I serve them. Another way that I live my religion is through Home Teaching. Home teaching is a church program designed to allow families to be taught in their own homes, in addition to weekly church services. This is especially important for the families I serve, as some of them are not able to attend church on a regular basis. My family has adopted a woman who lives in an assisted care center 25 minutes from our home. Each Sunday, after church, we pass through the doors of the nursing facility and make our way back to her room. As we walk, we take the opportunity to greet and shake the hands of residents who sit by the front doors in wheelchairs watching and waiting, hoping that today someone will come to visit them. My soul fills with joy as I watch my children give hugs, answering the cry in Jeremiah, Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? We frequently sing church hymns as we go, inviting the Holy Spirit to be with us and teaching our children to serve as Jesus would. Our lives were touched one Christmas when our baby, born 9 weeks early, struggled for life in the hospital . We give back each year by making and collecting baby blankets we hand-deliver to others who spend Christmas in the hospital.