Adele: Mormon.

Hi I'm Adele

About Me

I was born a member of the church, and after attending Brigham Young University for a couple of years, I went on a full-time, eighteen month mission to Peru in 2003. The beautiful people of Peru taught me so much. After my mission I finished my education at BYU, receiving a bachelor's degree in music performance. A few days later, I married the man of my dreams. Now, seven years later, I'm a stay-at-home mom to my three (rascally) (but sweet) boys every day. I teach them the things I've always known, the things I've learned, and the things I'm daily discovering. We have a lot of fun. (And make a lot of messes.)

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because it just feels right. Day by day, miracle after little (and sometimes big!) miracle, I can see the Lord's hand shaping me and guiding my family through the wonderful and crazy and amazing and tragic and beautiful experience of life on this earth. I feel the truth of the gospel principles every day of my life as I live them. They make me happy :)

Personal Stories

In what ways have your prayers been answered?

Oh wow, I have so many stories! Sometimes I pray for little, trivial things-- once I prayed that a bird outside my window would quiet down so my son wouldn't wake from his nap yet. (I was pregnant and so tired, and needed a nap badly myself...) Immediately the bird went away. Last year during flu season, I prayed and asked for my family to not get sick during a specific week so that I could go visit my newborn niece.... We got sick a week or two before and were perfectly healthy the day we needed to get in the car for the roadtrip! So many little experiences like these solidify my knowledge, day after day after day, that God is listening to my prayers and answering them with love. I have also seen big answers to prayers-- during my time in Peru as a missionary for the church, for example. One gentleman was suffering-- his wife had just left him, and he had just had open heart surgery. He was lonely and devastated and sick, and he prayed to God. He asked God to show him that he had a reason to live-- to give him a sign that He existed. A few minutes later, my missionary companion and I knocked on his door.

How I live my faith

I lead our church choir. It is so much fun to come up with new musical arrangements and to express the songs of my heart to the Lord through music.