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Hi I'm Christopher.

I am a Doctoral Candidate in Educational Technology, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a Navy Brat that married an Air Force Brat, we love to move, and meet new people. After 8 years of marriage, we have two daughters, one son, and two cats. We have lived in Idaho, Virginia, Texas, and we currently call Ohio home. I am a Doctoral Candidate at a major university in NE Ohio, and a curriculum designer for a non-profit organization whose mission is to erradicate poverty. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking with my kids, cooking, and sleeping.

Why I am a Mormon

The short answer: I find solace in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are true, and make me happy. Long answer: I have learned that when I recieve blessings, it is because of my obedience to that law upon which it is predicated. It isn't easy being Mormon. We have rules regarding our health, our thoughts, chastity, actions toward family members, and even our finances. These rules came as a result of MODERN DAY PROPHETS that provide teachings FOR OUR DAY. We know that the commandments Moses recieved are still true, and we should obey them, but the challenges that we face are different than what they experienced anciently. I know that the church's teachings do not contradict Christ's teachings or the teachings in the Bible and I am thankful to have guidance on issues that are most relevant in my life. Throughout my time in the church, I have ALWAYS been taught to study out the teachings for myself and pray gain an understanding for myself. The Holy Ghost has confirmed to me that the Bible & The Book of Mormon are both true testimonies of Jesus Christ. I also have recieved divine confirmation that the teachings of modern day prophets are also true.

How I live my faith

At home, my actions toward family members are guided by my love for them. I speak kind words, encourage family prayer and scripture study, and participate actively in my children's lives. They also see me as a devoted husband, that loves and respects their mom. At work, I coordinate a local poverty education program and often meet individuals when they are struggling with finances, health, addiction, or social / emotional issues. I devote time to meeting them, identifying their stregnths, and encouraging them to improve their lives. If I had an artificial concern for their welfare, or spent my time dwelling on the negatives of their situation, they would never be uplifted, supported, or feel the love that comes from another individual that sees them as having a much greater potential. At church, I actively participate in the youth programs, attend Sunday School Classses, coordinate our Sacrament Meetings, and direct the local church's welfare efforts. I have the opportunity to meet in members' homes regularly and visit with them to ensure their spiritual, physical, and emotional needs are being met. I also visit families with the missionaries. I love answering their questions, and inviting those families to visit us at church. Christ showed his love by being compassionate, providing service, and ultimately sacrificing His life for the spiritual benefit of all of God's children. While I am not perfect, this is the example that I try to emulate.

Why don’t Mormons have paid clergy?

Many friends ask me why I don't get compensated monetarily for my service in the church. I will often refer them to the scripture in James that says "Faith without works is dead." I serve in these positions because I have a knowledge and conviction of Jesus Christ and desire for others to gain this knowledge as well. Jesus Christ told his disciples to travel without purse or scrip, and preach the gospel to every creature. Other prophets from the Book of Mormon also followed this example, they chose to not be a burden upon the people they were serving and find a way to provide for themselves and their families. Show more Show less

How can faith in Jesus Christ influence us in our marriages and family relationships? in our friendships?

Having knowledge of the Savior leads me to want to be a better person. I think of how He responded to disappointment, challenges, pain, and strained relationships, and try to emulate Him. As I read the scriptures the Bible & Book of Mormon, I imagine a kind and gentle Savior that empathizes and shows compassion for others. While I may not be a perfect husband, father, or friend, I try to emulate the Savior's actions, trying not to yell, remaining calm, and trying to understand other people's perspective. The Savior has offered for us to join His Yoke, that our burdens may be light, in so doing, we can team up with others and ensure their burdens are also lighter. Show more Show less

Who founded Mormonism and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

The Mormon Church is officially called "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." Named for the individual we honor, Jesus Christ, He is the cornerstone of our religion. The church was first founded by Jesus Christ, He called prophets and apostles to lead and direct His church. As these apostles were martyred i.e. Peter, James, Paul, etc., the church's leadership eventually became less guided and directed by the Lord and more directed by man, which eventually led to many congregations separating from the church and forming sub-groups / religions. It is important to note that these churches rebelled against a true church, which was eventually governed by man's decisions and NOT the Lord's. In so doing, any church that deviated from this major group would contain less truth than and loose all authority priesthood. For this reason, a RESTORATION of the church needed to occur, to ensure all teachings and practices of the original church could be experienced in our day. The restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints occurred in the 1830's after the translation of the Book of Mormon Another Testament of Jesus Christ and the restoration of Heavenly Father's authority were back on the Earth. While Joseph Smith Jr. may have been the first prophet following the restoration, he has not been the last. The Book of Mormon is meant to be a companion for the Bible, when studied together, a better understanding of why a new church must be organized and a restoration of saving ordinances and authority have once again been brought back to the Earth. Show more Show less