What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Paul

I come from Mormon Pioneer heritage. I am a lifelong Mormon.

About Me

I enjoy marathon running, hiking and camping, ice cream, and just about anything that includes spending time with my family. My wife and I have been married for over six years and we have two young daughters and a baby boy. I find my employment with the Boy Scouts of America very fulfilling.

Why I am a Mormon

To be entirely honest, originally my church membership came from my upbringing. My ancestors stretch all the way back to the early history of the Mormon Church. That said, there came a point as a youth that I had to search within myself to discover whether or not this is something I personally believed in. Faith and religion isn't something you can lean on someone else (like my parents) forever. Study of the Holy Scriptures, the Book of Mormon in particular, prayer, regular worship service attendance, has strengthened my understanding of the role the gospel of Jesus Christ plays in this life and beyond. I can honestly say that I have developed a personal relationship with my Savior, which means everything to me!

How I live my faith

My faith is not a casual experience. It is a part, not only of my daily actions, but also of who I am as a person. I live my faith quietly and consistently, honoring the Lord by the way I live. I can see the way He has constantly guided me throughout my life. I serve in my local congregation in the leadership of the men's organization, called the Elders Quorum. Many of the men in the quorum are in a similar stage of life and it is rewarding to gather each Sunday, as a part of our regular worship services, as a group and discuss principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am strengthened from my association with the other men in our congregation. Most importantly though, I live my faith by teaching my own children in my home as they are beginning to be old enough to understand the role of faith in their own lives. I love to see them grab hold of the simple principles, like prayer and making right choices. We enjoy singing songs together that they have learned at church.

How do I become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church)?

First, attend a church service near you. Meet local members of the LDS Church. You'll find them incredibly warm and welcoming. More importantly, there are a series of lessons that the full-time missionaries teach. They can teach you in your own home or at another place of your choosing about some of the basic tenants of our faith. When you are prepared to move forward with becoming a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the next step is baptism - by immersion or going entirely under the water just as in times of old. You'll find your own baptism a very special experience. Show more Show less

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

I can answer this question easily because I was a full-time missionary for the Church in Norway. We proselyte because we believe our message to be of highest importance! We want people of all nations, far and wide, to know that Jesus Christ is their Savior, and to know that He has restored his gospel on the earth again today! We are anxious for as many as possible to understand these principles. Show more Show less

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

Absolutely! Which is why the temple is so important to Mormons. In the temple, couples are married not only 'til death do you part - but "for time and all eternity". I feel so blessed to be able to know that my wife and I will be together and with our children forever! Show more Show less

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven't we always had the Bible?

Throughout the history of the world, the Lord has called prophets. Many people listened to and followed their teachings, others rejected them. There have been periods where no prophet lived on the earth, because the people simply would not listen. After Jesus lived on earth, he left the church in the hands of his apostles. After a period of time, though, even his apostles were rejected and even killed in some cases. A long period of "apostasy" followed. Even the Bible had been altered by scribes and church leaders. Precious truths had been omitted or changed. The Restoration literally restored to the earth the gospel with all of the teachings that Jesus Christ had taught when he lived on the earth. Show more Show less

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

There is nothing secret about what happens inside our temples. It's just that the ceremonies and instruction we receive there are sacred and personal. I believe that if what happened in the temple were exposed to the world, there would be mockery of our faith things that are very intimate in regard to our commitment to the Lord would be ridiculed, which would cheapen the holy nature of the temple. Those that live certain standards, that live worthy of the temple, are given a recommendation from their ecclesiastical leaders to enter the temple and partake in the ordinances therein. This keeps the temple a place set aside from the world - an island in a world of unrest - quite literally the "House of the Lord" Show more Show less

Do Mormons practice polygamy?

No. The Lord discontinued the practice of polygamy nearly 120 years ago. Groups that practice plural marriage are not in any way connected to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Show more Show less

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon is a book of holy scripture written on the American Continent from approx. 600 years BC until after the death of Jesus Christ in the Old World. Just like the Bible, the Book of Mormon was written by holy prophets, called by God to preach the gospel to the people that lived on the American continent. In fact, one of the neatest stories of the Book of Mormon was the history of Jesus Christ's personal visit to the believers in the Americas after his life on earth. Show more Show less

Why are Mormons asked to donate 10% of their income to their Church?

Tithing, or the charitable donation of 10% of my income, is not so much about money as it is about faith. Giving to the Church with each paycheck is one way that I express my gratitude to the Lord for the blessings I have in my life. We believe that donating Tithing "[opens] the windows of heaven" and brings back many more blessings from the Lord. (Malachi 3:8-10; Old Testament)I give willingly, but I give privately - which is one thing I appreciate. If you were to attend a Mormon church service, you would not see collection baskets of any kind. If you were paying attention before and after the service, though, you would notice Church members quietly handing the Bishop an envelope with their contribution. I trust that the Church does great good with my donation. Tithing funds are always used for the Lord's purposes—to build and maintain temples and meetinghouses, to sustain missionary work, to educate Church members, and to carry on the Church's mission worldwide. Show more Show less