Charlie: Mormon.

Hi I'm Charlie

About Me

I live here in Montana and currently am supporting my growing family by working as a commercial truck driver on a dedicated route here in the state. I never really knew that service to others (a key church doctrine) was being engraven into my heart as I served faithfully and honorably for eleven years in the military. After I joined the Church, I realized that my job involves one aspect of service. Aside from that, I'm am newly married to a wonderful woman who has been a member of the Church her whole life. So that's the basic introduction to me.

Why I am a Mormon

I truly believe that this is the Church that Jesus Christ established during His ministry on Earth. Many of the unanswered questions I had throughout my adult life could not be answered directly by any of the churches I once belonged to. The biggest question was posed while I was still single was, "If it all ends at death, then what's the point in getting married?" After researching the Latter Day Saints, discussing at length their beliefs with the Missionaries (as well as other members), and finally sincerely praying to God about it... I realized that the Lord Himself had at last directed me to His church. The best part I love about being a Mormon is that we in no way tear down other faiths at all. In fact, the church leadership supports and encourages understanding and co-operation between our faith and those of other religions! Something I find truely refreashing in a world that these days seems to believe in the opposite.

Personal Stories

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

One of the constant questions I had growing up, and throughout my adult life was.... "Is the Bible really the tell all, end all of God's word? Surely He must have spoken to other people. I mean, if the Bible is true that we are ALL God's children, then didn't He speak to other people in some other part of the globe?" As I read the Book of Mormon two important truths revealed themselves to me. First, that the Jews in Isreal were not the only ones the Lord spoke to, that others who were decendents of the Jews in Isreal migrated to another part of the world. Second, that this beautiful book could not possibly have been a work fiction as some detractors claim it is. I have felt the Spirit of God radiating through the pages of this book!

What has helped develop greater harmony in your home?

My wife and myself focus on reading from the Scriptures every night before we head off to bed for the night. Reading the Scriptures and discussing the deeper meaning within them helps us grow more in the Spirit. Also Temple attendance is key to our spiritual growth as well. All this conbined develops a greater bond between us as a couple and helps maintain a level of harmony that I have never felt before in my life, it is truely wonderful!

How I live my faith

The best way I think I live my faith in Jesus Christ is to help others. It is what Jesus Himself devoted His earthly ministry to. I served my country in the Army, and now my wife and I also teach in the children's Sunday School (known to us as Primary). These precious 5-7 year olds are a joy to be around! Their energy and eagerness to learn more about the Savior is just amazing. Their simple faith in the matters of the Gospel leads me to seek a closer relationship with the Lord.