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Hi I'm Mark David

I'm a Mormon. I specialize in vocal and saxophone performance.

About Me

I'm a musician. Both of my parents are musical people and I suspect I got the "music gene" from both of them. Specifically, I'm a saxophone player, singer, pianist, and I may be able to play the trumpet still, but not very well (it's been a few years, and having TMJ puts a damper on my wind instrument performance). I experienced unanticipated development in my skills as a saxophone player during my freshman and sophmore year at high school, and later I ended up playing with a couple big bands, and making money doing so to my pleasant surprise. I served a mission in Montana and the northern part of Wyoming. It was a powerful, life changing experience and it helped me lay a solid foundation for my life that I had failed to assemble earlier in life. I also love sports. I'm very tall and I love how Michael Jordan played so I always have a soft spot in my heart for basketball. I also enjoy tennis (Well...I probably like crushing the ball more than playing the sport really), golf, roller blading (but definitely not roller skating. My hat's off to those who can pull off that miraculous feat), ping pong, air hockey, etc. I grew up in California so I love sunlight and low humidity and perfect weather all the time with a gentle delta breeze to top it off. I'm currently enrolled in the university of my dreams, and loving it. It exceeded all my expectations and has helped me grow in countless ways.

Why I am a Mormon

I always believed that Jesus is the risen Lord and I've known that God lives as long as I can remember. I also know that the book of Mormon is true. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that God's prophet today is President Thomas S. Monson. These are the primary reasons I am a Mormon. I did not always have all of these convictions of course, so let me explain how they came about: I grew up in the Church, and to some extent I was probably a Mormon largely because my parents were. That changed after nearly a three quarters of my mission for the church had expired, when I was twenty years old. One of the sister missionaries who came to serve the same time I did was (certainly not by chance) working in the area next to mine, and we often saw each other at meetings, and other activities for missionaries. God, through her, powerfully moved me to change my life. This sister knew God lives, she knew what He wanted her to do, and she gave her all in His service. In her, I saw and felt in my heart what it meant to be a disciple of Christ. Her example, and a few carefully chosen words she shared with me once, and the witness of the Spirit that accompanied her example and words, led me to change, and ever since those days with that great sister I have become truly committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. That's why I'm a Mormon- because God, through His servants, helped me recognize the truth by the power of His Spirit. My belief in God, as I said before, has been around as long as I've lived. When I was younger I simply had a feeling that He was alive, that He was present. While I couldn't put the feeling into words at the time, I suppose I could feel that God played an active role in my life. My belief turned into conviction when I first experienced an answer to my prayer. The answer was so powerful, so completely unexpected and eye opening, I cannot deny Christ's existence without making myself one of the worst liars. What does this all mean to me? It means to me that I can, without reservation, comply totally with the words of Christ, and His chosen servants, knowing that doing so to the best of my ability will qualify me for eternal life.

How I live my faith

Well, the basics for me include daily scripture study, daily service, and daily prayer. As a member of the church, I contribute by teaching the sunday school class for 12-13 year olds. They are awesome. Admittedly, they get distracted sometimes, but they're all sensitive to the Spirit, and it's wonderful when I get to observe their individual and collective reactions to the presence of the Holy Ghost.

What is faith?

Mark David
Trust and/or confidence in something or someone. Faith in Jesus Christ is specifically trusting the Savior and knowing that He loves you. It cannot be exercised unless an individual desiring to exercise faith has a correct understanding of Christ's character, an assurance that God exists, An understanding of our proper relationship with Christ enables us to use our faith, therefore, we must understand that Christ is our Savior which means that He atoned for our sins (paid the penalty of suffering for our sins that we will have to endure if we do not repent), and by so doing unlocked the gate to eternal life. We enter that gate by total obedience to Him. He holds infinite love for us, so we can rest assured that all His commands are for our benefit, and He won't lead us down a path that leads to Spiritual destruction. Once we trust Him, we will be able to keep His commandments and gain eternal life, and that is exercising faith. Show more Show less