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Hi I'm Dale

I'm a father of two, a mobile apps product manager, a desktop gardener, Tchaikovsky listener, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Time has got to be one of the rarest commodities ever. I'm a pretty driven individual, so I push myself to do a lot of things. When I was a single professional out of college, I felt pretty busy, but now I'm married with two kids and just finished grad school. Time is so much more precious to me. It's a good thing because I really treasure my time and do things with it very deliberately, rather than just letting time pass. When we work, we work. When we play, we play. And when we relax, we try to focus on things that are important, like spending time together as a family. My wife is from the Ural region of Russia. I served as a missionary in her home town, but we didn't meet until 7 years later, when we both happened to be in Moscow. We speak Russian at home, even though my wife's English is awesome. Russian is just the language that our relationship grew in, so it feels most natural. We are raising our children speaking Russian and English. I'm a product manager in the software industry. My wife designs women's shoes. We're crazy entrepreneurs, so life never gets boring.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because when I was a boy, my family took me to church, where I had special experiences. One day when I was probably about 9 or 10, my family was sitting one row behind another family that had teenage and young adult children. One of the daughters in this family sang one of our hymns called "Praise to the Man." It's a song about the Prophet Joseph Smith. That's when I gained a testimony about Joseph Smith and the Restoration. Later, when I was a young teenager, I read the Book of Mormon. Once, when I was studying the third chapter of Mosiah, I read about how Jesus Christ suffered the pains of our sins and I received a feeling that it was true. That feeling is something we call a "testimony." It's a confirmation or a witness that the Holy Ghost gives you in your heart about something that is true. I knew at that time that I had a testimony. Growing up and becoming an adult puts you in situations where you recognize that you really do need a Savior because you make a lot of mistakes and have a lot of imperfections. I'm Mormon now because I have needed a Savior and do need a Savior. I have reached out to Him and He has helped me on more than one occasion. What I like about the Mormon church and about the teachings of the restored gospel is that they never get old. I'm amazed at how "alive" the teachings are. It's like you know that they are not just good ideas that some person made up, but that they're really from God. I like that Jesus Christ is an accessible God, that He wants us to come to know Him and that we can learn more about Him every day.

How I live my faith

One of the major things that my wife and I do to live our faith is to read the scriptures and pray together daily. We're preparing to bring our first child into the world, so we need a lot of help and guidance. I also serve in our young men's organization at church. I work with the teenage boys there and help them learn the gospel and teach it to each other. These boys really inspire me. I'm amazed at how much they learn and figure out on their own. They are really learning to use their agency to make good choices and that makes me happy. One thing that I do to live my faith is that I repent ... or at least I try to repent ... all the time. People think of repentance as this bad thing where you go confess and ... I don't know ... you get in trouble or something. But just telling God that you admit that you were in the wrong and are committed to doing better makes your life a lot better. I'm not a perfect man. I don't always do perfect things, so I repent. That's how I live my faith.