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Hi I'm Matt

I make computer software, I make music, I have a beautiful wife and kids, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was raised in Tucson, Arizona, and I still live here. My dad believes in always having an open mind, and he always encouraged me to explore new opportunities and to grow in different areas. At the age of 3, my dad showed me a computer and I have been working with technology ever since. I joined a band in high school, which is where I met several great friends who introduced me to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We continued with our band on and off for many years, including touring to places like Phoenix, Provo, Thatcher, and Roswell, New Mexico. I still enjoy to play music when I can, and we are still friends today. I was blessed enough to find a woman well beyond my worth. In my circle of friends, we call this "marrying up". With her by my side, we have been blessed with 2 beautiful children so far and we hope to have 2 more.

Why I am a Mormon

I joined the church because I wanted an eternal marriage and an eternal family. I've seen the pain that comes from failed marriages and I always wanted to know I had found someone who had the same, equally strong commitment to marriage that I did. I know that we existed before this life, and that our Heavenly Father sent us here to Earth to be tested. I know that this is part of his plan. I have always believed this plan to be true, but I have never found a church that testifies this to be the core of our existence here on this Earth. I know that the people here on the Earth today need a living prophet who receives direct revelation from God and I'm extremely happy to have one. We need a prophet to lead and guide the church here on the Earth, especially in these days as we approach the second coming of Jesus Christ. I know that in these days of selfishness, when many families are choosing to have less children, to divorce more, and to engage in lifestyles contrary to what our God would have us do, that the thing we need most right now is the mouthpiece of the Lord, via a prophet, to preach to the world the true joy that will come from a Christ-centered lifestyle. I know that Jesus Christ suffered and died for our sins. I believe in the power of his atonement. I have experienced mighty changes through his healing. I've seen others change their lives through his power as well. I know that people can be healed from any affliction or problem that they truly seek to repent of through the power of the Lord.

How I live my faith

I'm a far cry from living my faithy perfectly, which is why my wife and I laughed when my bishop asked me to be the leader of the young men, aged 12 to 18, in our ward. And not only a leader, but the leader of the other leaders. I joke at times wondering what people secretly think who have known me over the past 15 years. I think they probably wonder how someone who previously would have been a bad example can lead a group of young men, aged 12 to 18. In this church calling, I attend a 1 hour meeting at 7 AM, followed by 3 hours of church, 1 hour of which I usually spend teaching the young men. Along with this, I spend almost 2 hours every Wednesday night with the young men. We also do a once-a-year "super activity" in which we take 3-4 days off work in the summer to spend outdoors with the young men. On top of all this, the young men work in the Boy Scout program. Many of these young men earn their Eagle. This program helps develop these young men into responsible, worthy, self-reliant individuals who are well prepared to face the world. Between the "spiritual" aspects of the young men's program and the "activity" portion of the program, the young men are very well rounded because of it. Time-wise, my calling is very demanding. But every second has been worth it. I have learned much from these young men, and I hope they have learned from their time spent with me.