Heather Elizabeth: Mormon.

Hi I'm Heather Elizabeth

About Me

I became a convert in July in 2008, and it was the best thing to have happened in my life. I was introduced to the church by my amazing boyfriend and when investigating the church I felt a sence of belonging a sense of peace. Something I have never felt this way before, But i knew the church was true and i could not deny it. I was not perfect before i made choices i regreted and was not the best person. Now being a member my life has changed immensly and i could not wish for anything better. I love it so much!!!!! Now im planning for a church mission to be a missionary

Why I am a Mormon

My boyfriend is a member and when we went to our home town to meet his family I saw something I never thought I would see in my life. I have never seen a family love one another as they have. That is something that has been lacking in my life. I have always wanted a family that close, especially since my father, grandfather had passed away when i was young. The missionaries taught me about how families can be together for ever and that was they KEY for me to learn more and want to be come a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. In the time of me being a member I have done baptisims for my father and grandfather and working on the whole family being able to live together for time and all eternity.

Personal Stories

Can you think of a specific challenge in your family that Gospel Principles helped overcome?

In the two years of being a member I have had to work on the acceptance with my choice to be a member. A lot of the times I would just give in to what the family would want to please them, but in this time in my life I put my foot down and made the choice to be baptized. My mom did come to my baptism but there has been other reasons to where it has been difficult such as: My boyfriend serving a church mission instead of getting married Me wanting to serve a mission for a year and half Be married in the temple. This was a life change. The gospel has changed me for the best and im deffinatly not the same person anymore and that has been difficult. I have been blessed as i have been faithful to my beliefs the lord has blessed me with a family who is excited now for me to go on a mission and accepting of my choice to get married in the temple

How I live my faith

In my ward I teach sunbeams(3 years). It is one of the best callings I have had. Something i realized was that since im a convert it is fun to go through the steps and start out teaching my sunbeams. I hae 9 kids in my class and there are 2 sunbeam classes. I also am a happy visting teacher to go and visit sisters in the ward and help fellowship, and share the gospel message and to see how they are doing. It has been amazing to build a strong relationships with my sisters in the ward. I am also working on my young womens and trying to recieve the young women medalian. Im so stoked to be able to complete this program and earn something so wonderful.