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Hi I'm June Patricia W.

I come from England. I work with adults with complex needs,and I am Mormon.

About Me

I enjoy listening to good music, that is gentle on the ears,a lot of the time it is spiritual, as this helps me to focus on the job at hand,I like going out for meals and spending time with my family and friends. I am a single person, i haven't got any children. I work with adults with learning disabilities, I have been in the caring field for twenty six years now, and I love being able to serve.I am a convert to the church, I have been in church fourteen years and it is the best decision I have ever made. I love telling people about the gospel and the love that I have for my Heavenly Father. It would be wrong of me to keep what I have to myself, when I have been so blessed and every one can have what I have got. Through having the gospel in their lives.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a convert to the Church. I have been in the Church for fourteen years now. I wasn't always a Mormon. Before I joined the Church, I was in the Church of England.When I was a child, I had to go to sunday school/church parade ever single week. It got to a point where I rebelled. I still have a strong belief about my Saviour, Jesus Christ. But I had enough with going to church. When I was about twenty six, I started to think about "There is got to be more to God, than just weddings, funerals and christenings," So I started to research all the religions, I had set questions in my mind that I wanted answered, like where have I come from, what am I doing down on earth and what happens to me when I die, and lots more.This quest had taken me years. When I was thirty I went to work in Germany as a nanny with the U.S.ARMY. I loved the family with all my heart,their religious beliefs were conflicting though. There I learnt about Methodist beliefs and Jehovah's Witness beliefs, so I had my set questions what I wanted answering, but no-one could answer me. I stayed with the family for eighteen months, in that time I saw lots of places in Germany and Prague. I loved being out there. Just before Christmas I got a phone call from my cousin saying that my aunt and uncle were sick.So I packed the job in that I loved and came home, back to England. When I got home to my great relief I found my aunt and uncle weren't as bad as I was lead to believe. Which I was truly thankful for.On the other hand I wasn't very happy with my cousin for exaggerating. I had given up everything, my job that I loved, having fun touring Europe.For what, being unemployed back in England.I enjoyed Christmas at home.But I got to thinking if I can't get a job by the end of January (which gave me five weeks.) Then I am going back to Germany. My aunt and uncle were fully recovered from their illnesses and I was good to go.I Applied for this job, didn't think I got it, so I started to pack/ get my insurances and passport sorted out. As far as I was concerned I was already back in Germany.On the last day of January I received this letter stating that I had got this job, I was so sick, it wasn't even funny. When I received this, I knew I wasn't going back to Germany.Four days later I was going to the local shop,I wasn't looking where I was going, and I literally bumped into two missionaries. They asked me if they could tell me about the gospel. I said "They can say what they want, it's a free country." As they were talking about the gospel and I asked my questions, when they answered, it was as if I already knew the answers, they were just confirming what I already knew. How strange was that. Whilst talking to the missionaries I got this picture in my mind of the Saviour being baptized and I wanted to be baptized just like Him. All this took place within one week. As I walked into the chapel,where the ladies meet, I saw on the wall the picture of The Saviour, being baptized. The same picture that was in my mind.Bare in mind I had never been in a Mormon Church before,so seeing this picture was well strange.When I saw it, I knew I had come home and that I had found what I had been looking for. The following week, I got baptized into the Church. If I hadn't of been brought back from Germany and kept in England, I would never have got baptized into the Church. I know with surety of heart that my Heavenly Father had a hand in this. I am so grateful for the gospel in my life, it has turned my life around. I bare witness to you that this is truly The Lord's Church, on the earth today. I love this Church with all my heart.

How I live my faith

A "calling" is like a job. It is given to you by your Bishop. I am blessed to have three callings, My first calling is that I am a visiting teacher,that means ever month myself and another lady (my companion,the same person, every month.) go to visit other ladies who are in the church.You can contact them by telephone. or e-mail, or write them letters, with the set message, or what I prefer to do is actually go and visit with them, because you can build a better relationship with them, and you can see if they are struggling with their health or housework duties.If they need perscriptions picking up or ironing etc doing,you can get on with doing it.Giving them the help they need. My second calling is Humanitarian Aid Project Leader. That means I am responsible for all service projects may it be local or world wide,for the members of my ward to do, that can range from organizing the members to do the Shoe Box Appeal,to doing things for the local women's refuge,making baby clothes for premature babies etc. My last calling is I am a nursery assistant, I help to look after the little ones from eighteen months up to three years old, for a couple of hours on a sunday.

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

June Patricia W.
We can increase our  faith by listening to what the missionaries have to say, and by reading the scriptures that they advise us to read. Most of these scriptures will be from the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is not a replacement for The Holy Bible, it goes hand in hand with it. The Holy Bible is one witness of The Saviour Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is another witness of The Saviour Jesus Christ. To increase our faith we must open up the communication pathways, between ourselves and our Heavenly Father,and we do this by praying. Man can lie and be deceitful, Heavenly Father can't do this, so when we meet the missionaries and do what they say, we must pray about what we are learning and whether it be from God or not. He will tell you whether it is true or not, this will come in a feeling that you will get. My faith has increased so much since I have became a member of the Church. Show more Show less

Who was Joseph Smith?

June Patricia W.
Joseph Smith was a young un -educated farm boy, who came from a good righteous family. Even at such a young age Joseph had a strong desire to join the Lord's Church. He searched all the religious factors in the area at that time. But he got really discouraged because he went to all these different factors with questions and he couldn't find any that agreed to the Bible teachings. So this young lad went to The Bible and as it said in James. He took it to the Lord. Through his faith he was given personal revelation, that he should not join any of the religious factors. When he was older he was inspired to bring forth The Book Of Mormon, and was the First President of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Joseph went through so much persecution because of his beliefs. Both as a young lad and when he was older. People didn't like what Joseph had to say, because he was telling the truth about the gospel. Joseph was tarred and feathered, and finally he was murdered by a mob, because he was a Mormon. The mob thought if they killed Joseph, that would be the end of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints. The Lord had restored His gospel to the Prophet Joseph Smith. I call Joseph Smith a Prophet because that is what he was,by The Lord's authority, not by man's. Show more Show less

Which of the Savior’s teachings have influenced you in your life?

June Patricia W.
The Saviour has taught that we should forgive everyone, and it is up to Him who he forgives. That was a really hard principle for me to come to terms with. As things have gone on in my past, before I joined Church. That I couldn't or wouldn't forgive, and I had carried a grudge around for many many years.when I joined church I had to face them demons and put into practice what I was being taught.When I learnt to forgive, it was amazing, because all that baggage that I had carried around with me, was gone, I knew in my heart that I had done what the Lord had required of me,it wasn't easy by any means, but by knowing the Lord had taken my burdens from me has helped me immensely. Now it is a lot easier for me to forgive,and pass it onto the Lord. Show more Show less

Who are the Mormons?

June Patricia W.
Mormon's are a nick-name given to members of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints. We are Christians, who have a belief that Jesus Christ is our Saviour. The word Mormon comes from our book of scripture called The Book of Mormon. Which are teachings from ancient prophets, which is another testament of Jesus Christ. Show more Show less

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

June Patricia W.
The Atonement of Jesus Christ is where The Saviour went to the Garden of Gethsemane and prayed to His Father and took upon Himself the sins of the world. Following this,He was cruxified on the cross,where He willingly gave His life, for everyone of us. It was necessary for Him to do this and He was the only one who could. Show more Show less