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Hi I'm Reid

Michael The Mormon.

About Me

Hi, My name is Mike!! I am a Father of seven wonderful kids, (5 boys, 2 Girls) Im a Husband to the greatest woman in the world! (Sorry Guys!!) and I have been a Mormon now for a year! As a Mormon I have experienced Happiness that I never thought was possible. Im a Nursing Student, Shade Tree Mechanic, Basketball Player and Musician. And my favorite scripture is in the book of Mormon ~ 2 Nephi: "Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have JOY."

Why I am a Mormon

The word "Mormon" rang like a bad word as I grew up. Nobody knew anything about them and I surely wasn't interested in becoming one. When I met my wife I can recall sitting in a meeting where people stand up and bear there testimonies. As each of them stood up there they cried. I thought it was soo weird. I told my wife I would never go back. The following Sunday as I pretended to sleep through the alarm my wife started talking about food and how she would cook me a great feast if I came with her again. So I went, This time the people that we met were really cool. One asked me my name and wanted to know if I had been here before and what I thought about the place. I felt good inside and knew that there was something different about this place. When we returned home I saw the happiness that my wife had on her face. She was happy and that meant alot to me. We started going as a family regularly and seeing the missionaries once per week. They came over and were patient with me as I asked them every common Mormon myth in the world. The best part is... at the end of the day. I needed to pray and know for myself if these things were true. We cant just take somebodies word for things of such importance. I prayed. and although I didint feel somekind of out of body experience, I did feel that I was doing the right thing. My true confirmation came when I took the commitment to be baptized. I felt the spirit and knew that God was looking down on me with delight. Mostly,,, I am a Mormon because of the alternative. I've lived without the church and know the sorrow and lonliness that accompany a life without morals. My name is Michael and I am proud to be an American Mormon.

How I live my faith

"To find yourself, you need to lose yourself in the service of your Lord God." A seventeen year old young woman told me that in passing one day shortly after my Baptism. It sticks with me now everytime I see someone who needs service. Always looking for an opportunity to help landed me two callings in the church. The first was as Sunday School Counselor, where I am able to learn more about the organization of the church and how to be a better leader in a spiritual setting. My second calling is as a Boy Scout Leader, This Calling has been a blast!! I have kids of my own that are in Cub Scouts so this is an amazing experience to have fun and teach these boys to be leaders themselves and to one day be men! Just recently the missionaries took me with them to spread the Gospel, This was exciting and invited the spirit into my life.I live my faith by serving others in everything I do. Amen

Who was Joseph Smith?

Well the question is usually something like.. Who is "Brigham Smith"? but Seriously though, Joseph Smith was the first Prophet of this Dispensation. He saw God the Father and his son, Jesus Christ and with their help he translated the Book of Mormon. Another Testimate of Jesus Christ. Which helps us to understand alot of what was lost during translation of the Bible and also things that were not revealed to the people during the times of Moses and Abraham with other books such as the Pearl of Great Price. Joseph Smith was a young boy with no education, to be able to write a book of this magnitude and imagination would be impossible. This was and is the true word of God. Thank you Jesus! Show more Show less