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Hi I'm Stephanie

I'm a Mormon convert and stay-at-home mom of 5 wonderful children.

About Me

I once saw a saying on a reggae T-shirt that said, "Live the life you love. Love the life you live." When I was a teenager, I thought I wanted to be wealthy and free from marriage and children. I now realize the true meaning of being rich. I am in good health and have 5 beautiful, healthy children and a wonderful husband that encourages me to live the life I love. I have a degree in Public Relations/Marketing and do some freelance work from home on occasion. I enjoy Zumba and weight training. Things that make me happy are drawing and creating things and playing games with my family. I love being a mom, just not the housekeeping part. Our family loves seeing new places. We enjoy camping at National Parks like Olympic in Washington (my favorite), Sequoia, Great Basin, Yosemite, and Yellowstone. We have also shared great memories at Disneyland; the Grand Canyon; Mount Rushmore; Vancouver, British Columbia; Washington, DC; and New York.

Why I am a Mormon

I prayed about my decision to be baptized and felt that it was the right course to take even though I had some doubts about such a young boy, Joseph Smith, seeing God and Jesus Christ. I didn't know my scriptures well enough to know that this is not an unusual pattern for God (namely Samuel, the boy prophet). Despite my lack of a sure knowledge of this truth, I went forward with my baptism. I had never been baptized by immersion, so that was a new experience, but something happened that I was not expecting. Immediately after I was baptized I had the most amazing feeling from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. It was the most extraordinary feeling of love and peace -- something that I had NEVER felt before (not even during my Catholic baptism three years earlier) that was so strong it was tangible. It took me off guard, and I wept with joy. I knew this was not coming from me but could only be coming from God, our Heavenly Father through the Holy Priesthood. All of my doubts about the boy prophet, Joseph Smith, were washed away as I was baptized and given the gift of the Holy Ghost. Through these experiences and others in my participation in the Church, prayers and scripture study, I have come to know that the Mormon Church is really the restored Church of Jesus Christ, brought back to earth with prophets called of God (as in times of old) to prepare the world for the Second Coming. Being a member of the Church has taught me how to serve others, like our Savior. I have enjoyed many opportunities to serve and help others as a member of the Chuch including a full-time mission to Texas where I taught others about the Church and served the community including helping many affected by terrible flooding; teaching of children, youth and adults; coordinating and planning activities; and much more. I currently participate in planning wholesome, fun activities twice a month for girls age 8-11.

How I live my faith

I grew up in Wyoming with no religion in our home. The only time I heard anything said about God was when it was used profanely. I never heard the word Mormon and didn't know anyone that was one. I went to visit my favorite aunt following the death of a dear uncle when I was 16-years-old. I took the Greyhound bus home by myself and met a young man that said he was Mormon and asked me what religion I was. It was too uncomfortable to say I was nothing, so I lied and said I was Catholic. That's the only religion I knew of at the time. When I got home I asked my step-dad, that was raising me, what Mormons believe. He said, "All I know is they like to dance and have lots of babies." As a young teen I rolled my eyes and said, "That's stupid." He said, "Well, it's true. I dated one once." Now that I'm a member I guess it is true. We do like to dance and have lots of babies, just not at the same time like I originally imagined. So, I decided I should probably join the Catholic Church since I said I was a member of it, so I did. I took lessons from the priest and was baptized. I was not very active for the first year or so then started going weekly when family circumstances changed and I moved to Southern California. That's where I was introduced to the Mormon Church from a friend. He asked me once if I thought it was important that I learn what he believed in, and I hesitantly said, "I guess so, but don't expect me to join your church." That is what began my investigation into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I remember thinking, when the missionaries asked me to be baptized, what a big decision I was making because (in essence) I was 'quitting' the Catholic Church and felt it was really important that I find out what was really right and true. It was a soul searching experience. I received no grand vision or anything that told me what I was learning was true, but I just felt that it was right and made sense. Continued...

Why do Mormons perform proxy baptisms in their temples?

This is a new concept for many people but is one that truly demonstrates God's mercy and love for all of His children and is exclusive to the Church. Jesus Christ taught that without baptism one could not inherit the Kingdom of God. Some may say people who aren't baptized are 'going to hell.' To me this is completely unmerciful and unjust. Heavenly Father provided a way for all of His children that have ever lived on the earth to receive baptism, whether or not they ever knew about baptism or Jesus Christ. He, being perfect, was even baptized. He also taught the importance of proper authority and order in these things. Through proxy baptisms in the Holy Temples, we are able to be baptized in behalf of our deceased ancestors. This is done as a gift to them that they can choose to accept or reject. I have seen many miracles related to searching out my ancestors that is a testament to the truth and importance of this work. Show more Show less

Why don’t Mormons drink coffee, tea, or alcohol? What is the Mormon Church’s law of health and proper diet?

God gave us bodies to help us get through this life and to be healthy and strong. I have personally seen the ill effects of too much alcohol consumption and illegal and legal drug abuse in my family and friends. It destroys families and leads to all kinds of evil. Our senses are inhibited when our minds are not in control of our bodies. While not everyone becomes addicted to these substances, it is still important to avoid things that can harm our bodies. The Mormon's law of health is known as the Word of Wisdom and was given in 1833 to Joseph Smith and emphasizes proper eating and abstinence from alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea and illegal drugs and calls for moderation in all things. Temporal and spiritual blessings are promised to all those that live this law. Show more Show less