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Hi I'm Morgan Thomas

I live in Boston. I'm going to be a father. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in a small town in the heart of the Rockies and am the oldest of three siblings. My parents divorced when I was five so in some ways I had to become the man around the house. Reading was my escape, and I read constantly for the next nine years. In high school, I started to open up more friendships outside of the printed page, and found that my schoolwork took up more and more of my time. I graduated and flew off to a different part of the country to attend college. After my freshman year, I served a mission in East Asia. There I came to understand more about the beautiful people and the rich culture of that place, and I was impressed by how much we had in common. We all wanted to be closer to our families and to our Heavenly Father; everyone who listened sincerely to our message felt the power of it, and I was able to see many honest souls take the first steps towards following Christ. After returning to the east coast, I met the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, and by the time summer came, we had decided to be married. My marriage to her, which took place in the temple near her home, is the highlight of my life, the most important moment I have experienced so far in mortality. Now, just over a year later, we are expecting our first child, and I could not be more excited about what lies ahead!

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised by faithful parents who taught me to trust in Jesus Christ and His restored gospel. With their loving encouragement, I was baptized at the age of eight, and have been a member ever since. However, as I grew older, it became very important for me to make my own choices about continuing to actively participate in the church. It became a matter of frequent and serious prayer for me as I sought guidance from my Heavenly Father. Throughout my life I had felt His gentle presence guiding, shaping, blessing, and comforting me, but it was not until shortly after my graduation from high school that I received my most powerful answer. I had been listening to another member speak about the experiences that had helped him believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet, when I felt something unlike anything I had ever felt before. My whole body thrilled with the Spirit of God, tears came to my eyes, and in that moment I knew, independent of any other earthly witness, that Jesus was the Christ, that there was a God in Heaven, and that Joseph Smith was their chosen prophet. Since that time, I have experienced the gentle touch of that same feeling, to greater or lesser degree, hundreds of times as I have come to better know my savior. I am a Mormon because I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true. I know it because I have felt the communications of God to my soul that it is true. I know it because as I live the doctrines of the church I feel my life grow brighter and I feel God's loving approval. I know it because it has given me the most important things in my life, and because it lets me know where I came from and where I am going. God lives, and this is His church, and that is enough for me.

How I live my faith

My faith is an integral part of my life; it influences every aspect of my daily routine. It has helped me to define what is most important to me, and has permanently shaped my priorities. Apart from daily prayer and scripture study, I try to follow the example of Jesus Christ in kindness and in integrity. I am far from perfect, but the church has helped me to improve and grow in ways I never would have on my own. Right now I am serving as a clerk in my ward - I keep track of our budget, monitor and help submit donations to the church, and facilitate keeping track of each member of our congregation. Being a clerk has impressed me with the seriousness and the reverence with which our sacred funds are collected and dispersed. It has been wonderful to see how each cent is carefully accounted for, and to know that all of the precious donations of our members will be used exactly as they and the Lord intend. As Mormons, we are expected to contribute freely of our time and talents, and so none of our local church officials receive any monetary compensation for their service. It is satisfying to see that principle carried out with absolute fidelity, and I believe the Lord is pleased with our small efforts.

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

Morgan Thomas
The Book of Mormon was written by a collection of ancient prophets. It begins with an account of a family that left Jerusalem around six hundred years before the time of Christ and who were led by the hand of God to the New World. Their descendants left records of their sacred spiritual experiences, and almost a thousand years after their departure, these and other sacred records were compiled by a prophet named Mormon into an abbreviated history that now bears his name. Mormon's son, Moroni, added a few words of his own before burying the record; hundreds of years later, this same Moroni, then a resurrected being, directed the prophet Joseph Smith to their hiding place. Joseph Smith then proceeded to translate the record into English through the power of God. Show more Show less