Lauren.: Mormon.

Hi I'm Lauren.

About Me

I am the oldest child out of four children. I am graduated from college with a degree in English and Spanish and married to the love of my life. I love hiking, singing, dancing, and making people laugh. I've been a member all my life.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. As long as I can remember, I was raised to be a Mormon by my parents. I truly came to learn that this church was true through Prayer. This Church has been the one stable thing in my life, and has helped me to have the courage to press forward in the midst of change and tribulation. As I entered High School and College, I have experienced many many changes in my life. Where to go to school, who to room with, always moving to a new home every so often, classes changing every semester. With so much change, it's sometimes hard to keep going. But I have come to realize, that even though my life changes dramatically in many ways, I will always have one thing that's stable: The gospel. It has always been there, and will always be there and will never change, and that is something I am very grateful for.

Personal Stories

Which of the Savior’s teachings have influenced you in your life?

The Savior taught us to pray in the Bible and the Book of Mormon. I love to pray and I do it often throughout the day. It gives me great confidence and hope to know that there is someone out there who knows me completely. Christ knows all my wishes and my dreams. He knows my weaknesses, my foolish mistakes, my tribulations, and my sorrows. He knows what I am afraid of, and he knows what I wish I could do, and every accomplishment I have made. He knows everything! It is so comforting to me to know that as I get down on my knees every morning and every night, I can call on my Father in Heaven and tell him about my day. I can tell him all the good things that happened, all the sad things, all the funny stories, and everything else I can think of. This knowledge of knowing that my Father in Heaven and my Elder Brother Jesus Christ understand me so completely, can be my best friend, and love me despite all gives me a deep lasting joy that surpasses everything else.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by attending worship services every single Sunday and classes at the local Institute during the week. I make it a point in my life to pray constantly to my Father in Heaven through the day. I also serve my Savior by serving others in various ways, whether it be at a local elementary school, visiting the elderly at a local rest home, or just by making my friends laugh every single day.