Richard: Mormon.

Hi I'm Richard

About Me

I am currently 23 years old and studying Mechanical Engineering at a local University. I come from a family of 4 girls and 2 boys and am the oldest. Some of my favorite hobbies are anything outdoors! I like hiking, camping, mountain biking, and boating in the summer and love skiing in the winter. I am pretty laid back and enjoy just having a good time!

Why I am a Mormon

The reason I have chosen to stay in the church and live its teachings goes back to an experience I had when I was 18. I had made the decision to serve a 2 year mission for the church (volunteer service to teach the gospel) and had begun to read the Book of Mormon all the way through. I admit that it was tough for me at first to follow along with what I was reading despite my familiarity with some passages! But I continued and stuck to my goal to read. A couple months later while I was in the Missionary Training Center I finished the book but hadn't received a real confirmation that it was all true. At the time I was feeling discouraged, tired, and ready to quit and go home. One night I knelt in prayer and committed my heart to the Lord if he would grant me the knowledge to know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and that the Book of Mormon was true. I received at the time a warmth in my chest which convinced me to stay and continue learning to become a missionary. A week later my companion and I were practicing teaching the history of Joseph Smith to one of our instructors. As we progressed through the lesson I felt a familiar peace enter the room that I recognized as the Holy Ghost. Midway through the lesson that original peace grew to an overwhelming peace and warmth that pierced my very core. Our instructor began to tear as I began to recount the vision that Joseph Smith had as a 14 year old boy. I never felt such a power or confirmation before in my life, but I knew then that what we were saying was true. All doubt left as the spirit of God confirmed in my heart soul, and mind that the Book of Mormon is everything it is claimed to be, and most of all, that Jesus Christ is, in every sense of the word, our Savior. Even now my heart is filled with gratitude and love for what the Lord has done for me in my life! This is why I am, and always will be, a member of this church.

Personal Stories

How has your knowledge of the Plan of Happiness changed/benefited your life?

The knowledge of the Plan of Happiness has changed everything! Knowing that I am a son of God and that we can live with him and our families for eternity has effected the way I act, think, and especially date! I want those blessings for my family, future family, and myself!

How I live my faith

I am currently serving the church as a teacher for 15 to 18 year old students. I love working with the youth and helping them understand the doctrines that I have grown to love. I also participate in any other service projects or activities in the neighborhood that I can make it to.