Laura: musician, convert, animal rescue, student, temple, Mormon.

Hi I'm Laura

About Me

I'm Laura, and I'm a Mormon! I'm a convert to the Church. I'm currently going to college for Music Education. I also enjoy working with animal rescues. This Gospel has changed and made my life so much happier than I ever could've imagined. It has brought me closer to my family, and increased my love and appreciation for my Savior Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. I cannot imagine my life any other way now, and hope to bring this same hope, happiness, and peace to my friends, family, and others.

Why I am a Mormon

I joined the Church on June 20, 2009. How I came to be a member of His Church is fairly unusual, but becoming more common in society today - through facebook. After going through a horrific car crash with my grandma, I decided that I needed to more closely investigate my spiritual life. I then started to learn more about the Church through various means, but I didn't make the move to contact the missionaries until April of 2009. I had remembered seeing a girl with a small group of seniors from her high school in the newspaper speaking about their senior projects, and hers was for a service project through her church - the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I found that same article, looked up her name on facebook, and found her. I sent Natalie a message saying who I was and why I was contacting her, and within the week, she put me into contact with her mother, who got me to Church. The Monday after the first time I attended Church, I began the discussions with the missionaries, hosted at the home of Natalie's parents. Then, on my 3rd lesson, I committed to being baptized. The day after I was baptized, Natalie's father confirmed me a member of the Church. I know without a doubt that this is, indeed, the true church of Jesus Christ. He brought forth the Restoration of the Gospel through the modern-day prophet, Joseph Smith, including the translation of the Book of Mormon. Reading the Book of Mormon and learning more about the will of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father, and of their love for all of us, fills my heart with an immense amount of joy and happiness. I know that if you pray with a sincere heart and true intent, that through the Holy Ghost the truth of the Book of Mormon will be made unto you, just as I prayed to know the truth and still do.

Personal Stories

Could you talk about your baptism?

I have had 3 missionaries who played a major role in getting me where I am today. Elder Corneilison from Idaho, Elder Henrie from Utah, and Elder Cardenaz from Reading, California. All 3 are amazing young men and very valuable assets to the church. That Saturday was so amazing. I was so nervous right up until the bishopric member dismissed everyone to go into the font room, and had the Elder and I leave first so we could get ready. Then I saw the Elder start to go down into the water, and this incredible wave of peace just washed over me, and stepped in. before they pulled back the curtain door, Elder Henrie and I quickly went over what to do, and he said he was so proud of me and not to be nervous, which meant the world to me. Next thing I know I heard the clicking of the curtain door being pulled back, so I closed my eyes, he raised his hand, and started calling out my name. By then I had entered a peaceful zone but yet heard every word of his voice. When he brought his hand to my shoulder and started to lean me back, I bent my knees and didn't close my eyes until my head hit the water, as I wanted to take everything that I could in all at once. I almost didn't want to come out of the font. As I stepped out of the font, I felt so heavy from the water, but at the same time I felt light as air. I was able to keep my baptismal dress and still look at it often in rememberance of that day. Reflecting on my baptism gives me great strength to keep on the path back to Heavenly Father and to be moving toward my goal of going through the temple.

How I live my faith

In my ward, I currently hold two callings, which I absolutely love. I am the nursery leader and I also work with other young single adult members ages 18-30. With them, I help to organize various activities and events for us to have fun with. I'm also the Class President of a church education class that meets once a week during the evening.