God’s help is within your reach

Have you ever felt hopeless? Been saddled with problems bigger than you could manage? Have you felt like you’re out of options and the only possible assistance could come from God?

That was the situation in which a young man named Nephi and his family found themselves. Living in Jerusalem around 600 BC, they had been forewarned of the impending Babylonian attack. Lehi, the family patriarch and a prophet of God, evacuated his family, leaving their property and most of their belongings behind. Exiled and homeless, they fled into the wilderness, hoping for safety and trusting that God would provide.

Their life was not easy. They spent years traveling through an unfamiliar land. They undertook an exhausting journey. Faced lack of food and water. Encountered wild beasts. And many of the women endured these circumstances while pregnant or nursing. Perhaps it should be no surprise that some family members became agitated and blamed Lehi for putting them in that situation.

Throughout their ordeal, Nephi kept his focus on God. Through answered prayers, help came in ways the group may not have expected. A makeshift weapon. Animals for food. Health and strength for the women. These answers were perhaps not what they would have chosen. But Lehi’s family could not deny that their prayers had been answered.

“Great were the blessings of the Lord upon us” (1 Nephi 17:2), said Nephi. He knew that God was watching over them, putting opportunities in their paths. He knew that by faithfully following God’s commandments, they would be blessed. All would be well.

God promises the same assistance for you. While the path He leads you on may not be the one you would choose, He sees the bigger picture and will guide you along the way. He wants only what is best for your ultimate good. Trust in His wisdom. Keep His commandments. When you are on His side, He will give all the help you need.

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