God’s love has no exceptions

Does God love me? Do I matter to Him? Among the world’s billions, does God know I’m here?

Ammon, a young man of the Nephite civilization, could relate. Before devoting his life to God, he’d had a long rebellious streak of his own and plenty of people who disliked him. During his lifetime, his countrymen lived in fear and complete distrust of their neighboring nation, the Lamanites. Wars were common. Hatred simmered. When Ammon ventured into a Lamanite city, he was nearly killed on the spot just for his race.

But Ammon was there to preach the word of God. Having overcome his own criminal background, he knew that the power of God’s love could overcome any obstacle. So putting his complete trust in God, he volunteered to serve the enemy king and live among the people as an example of God’s commandments.

The king took notice. He listened to what Ammon had to say. He believed. And eventually all the people in his kingdom were converted to Christ. These same Lamanites had, by their own account, previously been bloodthirsty killers. They had terrorized the Nephites. They had hated everything about them. And yet they had learned to love their former enemies and also come to feel the love of God.

This was simply astonishing to many. But not to Ammon. Why? Because he knew God loves His children. All of them. God “has all power, all wisdom, and all understanding; he comprehendeth all things” (Alma 26:35). Just like God knows and comprehends everything about you.

God had every reason to disown the Lamanites. Ammon had no reason to put his life on the line to teach them. But Ammon loved those people, as he knew God did. He knew that God watched over them. And God wanted every one of them to learn of Him and understand His compassion.

“This is my joy” (Alma 29:9), said Ammon, referring to his desire to bring others to the knowledge of God. And, said he, God “numbereth his people” (Alma 26:37). God numbers you too. He knows exactly who you are, what you’re facing, and what you desire. And if you desire it, God will extend His love and blessings to you.

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